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All monsters, are called monsters because they cannot be defeated by people. To defeat what has surpassed human intellect is outside the capacity for human achievement. The moment you decided that you'll defeat Godzilla, you were aspiring to become something that is no longer human, Haruo! If you want to win, steel your resolve! You’ll surpass humanity and Godzilla and become SOMETHING GREATER! HARUO!
~ Galu-gu trying to convince Haruo Sakaki to give up his humanity to defeat Godzilla. His last words and most famous quote.

Mulu-elu Galu-gu (ムルエル・ガルグ, Murueru Garugu) is the secondary antagonist in the GODZILLA anime trilogy. He appears as a supporting protagonist in the first film, the central antagonist of the second film and a postumous antagonist in the third film. Galu-gu is a Lieutenant Colonel in the United Earth and a Technical Officer of the Bilusaludo race, one of the three humanoid races of the United Earth. Galu-gu was responsible for designing Mechagodzilla and is an ally of protagonist Haruo Sakaki in his quest to free the Earth from Godzilla twenty thousand years into the future.

While Galu-gu initially acts as Haruo's friend and ally, he is actually a supremacist who believes the Bilusaludo are superior to other humanoid races and shuns concepts such as emotion and human nature in favor of cold logic. Along with the other Bilusaludo, he conspired to completely overtake the Earth with Nanometal using Mechagodzilla in order to create what he called "a world of perfect logic."

He was voiced by Junichi Sawabe in Japanese and by Jamieson Price in English. The latter also voiced Abomination in Marvel's AvengersHeihachi Mishima in Tekken: Blood Vengeance and Ermac in Mortal Kombat X.


Galu-gu is a stern militaristic soldier who values strength and dedication in battle. As a technical officer, he is proficient with military technology and designed several weapons, most notably Mechagodzilla. He is friendly toward his allies Haruo Sakaki and Metphies, though he is a Bilusaludo supremacist who believes himself superior to members of the human and Exif races. He is also incredibly racist toward the Houtua, regarding them as "insects" and showing no qualms about exterminating them if necessary. Galu-gu believes humanity's unwillingness to become one with the Nanometal is a sign of weakness, and attempts to forcibly infect them with Nanometal anyway. Galu-gu has no respect for the concept of humanity and believes it makes people weak. He believes it is better to give up one's humanity in order to become part of something greater and live in a world of perfect logic. He is disappointed when Haruo disagrees with his philosophy, having hoped he was "different" from other humans, and tells Haruo that to defeat Godzilla is an ambition outside the realm of human achievement. Galu-gu's ultimate ambition is the complete Nanometalization of the Earth and everything on it, which he believes would create the perfectly logical world he dreams of. While he claims to reject emotion, Galu-gu perhaps hypocritically holds a grudge against Godzilla for seemingly destroying MechaGodzilla and can be quick to anger if his authority is questioned.


GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters

Galu-gu was a member of the Central Committee aboard the Aratrum, who debated whether or not to return to Earth after the ship's destination of Tau Ceti e proved uninhabitable. While in his quarters, Galu-gu was visited by Metphies, who asked for his opinions on Haruo Sakaki's anti-Godzilla plan. Galu-gu expressed doubt that Godzilla could be defeated even with the right strategy, but said he still found the plan interesting. He mocked the Exif for his race's failure to brainwash the earthlings with their religion, while Metphies likewise suggested that the Bilusaludo would have turned Mechagodzilla against humanity after defeating Godzilla. None of that mattered now, Galu-gu said, as they both failed to defeat Godzilla.

Galu-gu was later part of the Earth Landing Brigade which was sent to the radically-changed Earth to try and defeat Godzilla once more. Galu-gu designed a new weapon and oversaw its deployment in the Tanzawa Pass. He was disheartened when he learned Colonel Eliott Leland intended to withdraw from Earth after his men suffered an attack from Servum. However, the retreat was interrupted by Godzilla Filius, who killed Leland. Command fell to Metphies, who designated his authority to Haruo. Galu-gu cooperated with Haruo to execute his anti-Godzilla plan, which was successful in killing Godzilla Filius. When the original Godzilla, now grown into the 300 meter Godzilla Earth, arose, Galu-gu's fate was left unclear as the monster decimated the United Earth's forces.

GODZILLA: City on the Edge of Battle

When Haruo was captured by the Houtua tribe and brought to their underground village, he found that Galu-gu was still alive. Galu-gu believed the Houtua were mere primitives who intended to sacrifice them, and expressed willingness to exterminate them all if necessary. He and the others were brought into the central chamber of the village where the twin Houtua priestesses Miana and Maina addressed them telepathically. Galu-gu noted that he heard the Houtua's messages in the Bilusaludo mother tongue. The United Earth forces were released from the village, and began making their way through the forest in search of a downed Landing Ship. When the group was attacked by a flock of Servum, Galu-gu noticed the material the Houtua's arrowheads were made from. He asked Miana and Maina to show them their arrowheads, and recognized them as being made from Nanometal. He and Rilu-elu Belu-be returned to the Houtua village to investigate and found that the Houtua were harvesting large chunks of Nanometal from somewhere nearby to make their tools and weapons. They brought their findings to Haruo, explaining that if they could find the source of the Nanometal they could use it to defeat Godzilla.

The survivors made their way toward the former Mt. Fuji, where they discovered the source of the Nanometal: a replica of Mechagodzilla's production facility built entirely from Nanometal which Galu-gu dubbed Mechagodzilla City. After finding Mechagodzilla's intact head, the Bilusaludo reactivated its A.I. fully and took command of the City from a control room. Galu-gu and Haruo formed a plan to finally destroy Godzilla using the City and its vast supply of Nanometal. Godzilla would be lured to a capture point and trapped in liquid Nanometal, then flanking railguns mounted on the City's buildings would open fire on his dorsal fin. After the fin was destroyed, EMP Harpoons would be fired into Godzilla, overloading him with electromagnetic energy until he exploded. The plan was put into action, with Galu-gu overseeing it.

When Adam and 2 other soldiers see the Bilusaludo fusing themselves with the nanometal, they immediately report this to Haruo. Haruo tells Galu-gu to call for help, but Galu-gu tells Haruo to calm down and he and Belu-be explain that the Bilusaludo are willingly fusing themselves with the nanometal, essentially becoming MechaGodzilla City itself. Belu-be then explains that to fuse with MechaGodzilla City, its like evolving into the next stage, arguing that rather than being weak creatures controlled by emotions, they would live in a world of perfect logic. This leads to an argument between Haruo and Galu-gu about the nanometal and the latter calls the humans no different than the houtua (or houtua bugs as he calls them). Yuko sides with the Bilusaludo, telling Haruo that only Bilusaludian volunteers are fusing with the nanometal. Before the argument continues, a report comes in about the gas emissions from the nanometal’s exterior have stopped. Galu-gu explains that it’s the Bilusaludian soldiers fused with the city that caused the gas emissions to stop. Godzilla, who had found the City, fires his atomic breath. However, Galu-gu orders the nanometal particle energy buffer layer to be used which leads to the atomic breath scattering energy balls that destroys an EMP harpoon. When this is reported, Yuko volunteers to stall Godzilla with the vulture, but Galu-gu tells her that she can’t do it alone and decides to deploy the other two vulture units. Belu-be and Haruo volunteer to use the other two vultures and the three stall Godzilla and lure him to the trap point. Although the other harpoon was not ready, Galu-gu sets off the trap anyway and Godzilla is put into the detour to the capture point. Godzilla and MechaGodzilla City battle as Godzilla is put into the capture point where they close the detour and pour liquid nanometal that keeps Godzilla from moving. After the shield collapses, they try to finish him off with the EMP harpoon to get him to explode like Fillius did.

Instead of exploding, the barometric pressure around Godzilla begins changing as his body begins glowing red and orange as his body temperature begins rising to 1000 degrees Celsius. Martin concludes that Godzilla converted the overloaded electromagnetic energy into heat and that this supposed heat isn’t just spreading but a molecular management. Realizing that Godzilla is attacking them, Martin and Adam attempt to leave the control room but to their horror, Galu-gu fuses himself with nanometal along with two other Bilusaludians that fuse with the nanometallic computers. Galu-gu attempts to goad Martin and Adam to fuse with the nanometal, but both refuse and run out of the room along with two other soldiers. Realizing humanity truly is “inferior”, he allows himself to be consumed by the nanometal, hoping that Haruo (and possibly Yuko) would be different. Haruo, Yuko, and Belu-be try to provoke Godzilla so that he could blast another atomic breath to get him to explode, before Belu-be proposes to Haruo and Yuko that they ascend to the tropopause and then power dive to pierce Godzilla and cause him to explode (as in a suicidal attack). Haruo protests that they can’t get any closer to Godzilla with that heat, but Belu-be tells him that based on the vulture’s construction, there’s only one part susceptible to heat and if they repair it with nanometal, theoretically they would last for 10 seconds. When Haruo ask where is the part susceptible to heat, the now nanometalized Galu-gu tells Haruo that the part is him. Galu-gu then forcibly fuses Haruo, Yuko, and Belu-be with the vulture’s nanometal, with Belu-be accepting the fusion, causing him to become his own creation, while Haruo’s body won’t accept the nanometal (due to Mothra’s scales), but Yuko isn’t lucky and goes through excruciating pain. When she attempts to eject, the heat goes into her vulture and it shuts off. Haruo grabs Yukon’s vulture, shouting at the Bilusaludo that they tricked them. Belu-be tells Haruo he knows that he would understand, as he hates Godzilla just as much as them. He then ascends to the tropopause to power dive. Haruo is contacted by Metphies, who tells him that if he doesn’t destroy Galu-gu’s command center, the City will not only consume Godzilla, but everything else as well, with its propagation not stopping until it consumes the entire earth. Galu-gu and Metphies both argue with each other about how they are so close to defeating Godzilla and how even if assimilating the earth is a victory for the former and the Bilusaludo, it’s not a victory for Haruo. As they continue the argument, Haruo hallucinates Yuko dying in her vulture closing in on him (possibly because of Metphies’ hidden telepathy). The argument becomes desperate as Godzilla’s shield begins regenerating, hinting he’s becoming active again. Haruo takes Metphies’ side and descends to the command center as Belu-be, who was waiting for Galu-gu’s orders the whole time, descends to stop Haruo. Haruo orders Galu-gu to stop the nanometal’s encroachment, but the latter responds with a speech about the existence of monsters: monsters like Godzilla are called monsters because they cannot be defeated by ordinary people and that defeating Godzilla is beyond human achievement and in order to defeat a monster you must become one yourself. He shouts at Haruo that if he wants to win, he needs to steel his resolve and that he’ll surpass humanity and Godzilla and become something greater. Haruo, not accepting Galu-gu’s philosophy, begins destroying the command center with his vulture, killing Galu-gu, and stopping the nanometal’s encroachment and deactivating MechaGodzilla City completely. Belu-be dies in his vulture (due to being fused with the nanometal) and his vulture crashes into what remains of the command center, destroying it completely.



  • Mulu-elu Galu-gu's name is a reference to Mugal, the Black Hole Planet 3 Alien leader from Terror of Mechagodzilla.

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