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Munson is a minor recurring antagonist in the ongoing comedy tv show Robot Chicken.

He is voiced by Breckin Meyer, who has also voiced Jokey Smurf, Calvin, and Skeeter within the same show.

Villainous Actions

Season Three

  • Munson first appeared in the episode "Werewolf vs. Unicorn" where he interrupts Daniel's internet show to harass and insult him repeatedly, then tells him "I'm your real dad!" but it's unknown if he actually meant this or was just antagonizing Daniel some more.

Season Four

  • Munson appears again in the episode "I Love Her" where after he and Lindsay Lohan interrupt Daniel's LARPing session in his backyard and repeatedly slaps his stomach, he gets Lindsay pregnant.
  • In the episode "President Hu Forbids It", Munson breaks into Daniel's home and once he finds out they're playing Dungeons & Dragons, he strangles Daniel until he lets him play with them, his character sheet surprisingly being in order. However, right before a boss battle where Daniel's character dies, he leaves to have sex with Daniel's friend Stacy in his parent's bed room.
  • Munson makes a brief cameo in "Especially the Animal Keith Crofford!" during a musical where after an alien tells the audience 50 people were hit in the groin, Munson punches him between the legs, and the alien corrects himself to say 51.

Season Six

  • Munson's latest appearance is in the episode "Collateral Damage in a Gang War", where after throwing a shot put ball and hitting Gary the Nerd in the head and knocking him out, he's briefly worried about being sent to prison. Once Gary wakes up however, a Walking Dead parodied apocalypse has started and Munson is seen on the roof of a school. Instead of shooting at the zombies however, he repeatedly shoots Daniel's Mother's car and Daniel handcuffs him to a pipe much like Merle Dixon. Daniel tosses Munson the key before they try and escape, but he misses. Daniel then gives Munson a grenade, but instead uses it to blow up a group of zombies and is splashed with their internal organs along with Gary and Daniel. It's not shown if Munson managed to escape, so he's either still stuck on the roof, somehow managed to escape, or was eventually eaten by zombies.


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