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Murad Hoxha is a crime boss and freelance terrorist who was the head of the Albanian mafia and the main antagonist in the 2012 film Taken 2.

He was portrayed by Rade Šerbedžija, who also played Andrei Strasser in Disney's Mighty Joe Young.

Taken 2

Murad is the father of Marko Hoxha, one of the kidnappers who took Bryan Mills' daughter, Kim, in the first film. Bryan ended up killing Marko by electrocuting him, and Murad becomes hellbent on avenging his son as well as the many other Albanians Bryan murdered during his search for Kim.

Murad and his men torture a corrupt officer named Jean-Claude Pitrel to learn Bryan's identity before killing him, then track Bryan, Kim and his wife Lenore to Istanbul in Turkey. Murad's men capture both Bryan and Lenore but Kim, who is still at the hotel, receives instructions from Bryan which allows her to help free him. An obvious misogynist, Murad tells Bryan while in captivity that Kim will be sold back into prostitution to be "had by so many men that she will be nothing more than a piece of meat not even a dog would have" and he will have to watch Lenore die of blood loss. He then has his men cut a small slit in her neck and hangs Lenore upside down, right in front of Bryan. Murad then leaves to make sure Kim is captured, but she has already escaped and is making her way towards the location of her parents. Kim lets Bryan out and the two escape. Murad's men pursue them but they manage to escape unharmed.

Towards the end of the film, Bryan finds Murad's safe house where Lenore is being held captive. Bryan kills the last of Murad's men before confronting Murad himself. Murad claims that if Bryan kills him, his sons will try to avenge him, so Bryan agrees to let him go as long as Murad leaves him and his family alone. Bryan drops his gun and begins to walk away, but Murad picks it up and aims it at him. However, Bryan had intentionally unloaded it beforehand and realises that Murad will never drop his vendetta against him. Knowing that his family will always be under threat as long as Murad is alive, Bryan kills him by pushing him into a coat hook, which impales him through the back of the neck.

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