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Heheheh, You're right ... You are absolutely right! She is just an another tool of mine! My target has always been you, Welt Yang!
~ Murata Ryusuke revealing his true intentions to Welt Yang.
What a real shame. These aliens wield such incredible powers... ...Yet they chose to hide like cowards... You're just like the Sugars... Kind... Slow... Weak... Such philosophies ultimately place your entire race in danger Dr. Welt. But I'm not like them. I shall lead humanity to a brand new future.
~ Murata Ryusuke

Murata Ryusuke is a villain originating from the Honkaiverse series, serving as the main antagonist of Honkai Impact 3rd's "Alien Space" manga. He was a scientist working for both Schicksal and then Anti-Entropy and the father to Murata Himeko.



Murata Ryusuke is a tall middle-aged man with orange-colored eyes and a black hair. His usual attire is a scientist's coat and a black shirt along with a pendant, gloves, grayish pants, and brown leather shoes.


Murata Ryusuke is a rather hardworking individual, he is a passionate man who is willing to dedicate his life in fulfilling his lifelong goals. However, he is extremely selfish, as he is willing to do everything to achieve his goals even by turning against his own allies and family. Despite this, he is initially conceived as a caring father with hospitable and prudent traits but was later revealed to be his deceitful nature of his own selfish desires. He does not hesitate to treat his allies as tools to achieve his own agenda.


Ryusuke was once a university researcher until he was offered by Otto Apocalypse to become a researcher for Schicksal. He accepted the offer and was given the role of the director of St. 7308 labs despite having to leave his family. At some point in time, Ryusuke is married and sired a daughter named Murata Himeko.

However, Ryusuke's wife became terminally ill and was given an advice by her doctors to stay at her side, which he determined to refuse for his own ambitions. While his wife tries to tell him that everything's going to be fine. Ryusuke abandoned his wife but this decision gave him a huge remorse. Later on, Ryusuke becomes infuriated after his aerospace research was shutting down, which costs him a lot including his wife. Despite this, Ryusuke refused to give up in achieving his own promise and goals for humanity's sake. At some point in time, he met Peppermint, a member of the Sugars and befriends him.

Alien Space

Ryusuke made his first physical appearance at "Alien Space" manga, he sends a vocal message to Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla which they discuss about Schicksal's plans of attacking Anti-Entropy with the 4th Divine Key. Later under a Sakura tree, sees his daughter and waves at her for her graduation day, congratulating her for her efforts and position. Ryusuke then recommends her to a European university due to his work requiring him to stay in Europe, he also tells about his regrets that his wife had passed away ever since.

Ryusuke is then seen checking over the Divine Key, while slipping a device inside his pocket which activates it. As he oversees the research to the St. 7308 Labs, Otto appears and complements him over his actions. Ryusuke explains that the Divine Key is not yet fully repaired and he needs to visit to America to visit his daughter. Fascinated by him, Otto used a feather from a Mimicry of Fenghuang Down, but Ryusuke knew of his tricks because of Peppermint eating the feather and acts as if he did. Otto asks him if he is hiding any ulterior motive, Ryusuke bluffs by responding he doesn't. Surprisingly, Otto actually believes and granted him the permission to visit his daughter via holidays.

Afterwards, he visits Los Angeles, CA to meet Einstein and Tesla, showing them the device that allows him to activate the 4th Divine Key and further documents that shows Schicksal's plan to attack Anti-Entropy. The document also reveals that the 4th Divine Key is gonna be used to powerful storms at the east coast of the United States. Just when Einstein is about to ask him, Ryusuke interrupts her and was asked to leave just before Tesla tries to stop them. Ryusuke tells her that he wanted to meet his daughter. With the device in their hands and being aware of Schicksal's plans, Einstein and Tesla started to research about the 4th Divine Key. Ryusuke finally arrives to visit his daughter, while he is about to take a photo of her, he gets surprised after seeing Welt Yang and also greets him, which he mistook as her boyfriend. He suggested to follow him in the campus. While they were conversing, Ryusuke listens to Peppermint who told him that he almost blew Welt Yang's cover. Later on a dining place, Ryusuke coughs up blood in a tissue, but suddenly hides it when his daughter arrives. While enjoying their meal, Ryusuke heard a local weather report before receiving a call from AE, which he suddenly leaves, thus leaving his own daughter in the dining place.

Arriving at the Anti-Entropy HQ, he apologizes about the trigger inside the device to Tesla and Einstein which started the attack plan upon activation without notice. Einstein and Tesla discussed about the trigger's code, Ryusuke begs them to help him as he has crucial information about the Divine Key's whereabouts. Accepting his plea, they went to the Silver Bullet facility. At the facility, he enters the control room with Tesla when Peppermint suddenly felt an abnormal presence on one of the guards who suddenly opens fire at him, injuring his right arm. Hiding from the guards, Peppermint helps Ryusuke by killing all of the aggressors with his physical attacks. Afterwards in the situation, Ryusuke notices a Code VI - Lovers trying to escape and lets Peppermint to examine the creature. Now being aware about the Sky People targeting the facility, he went back to the control room to meet Tesla, explaining to her that the guards were possessed and asks her about a suggestion to stop the Divine Key, but Tesla notices his injury, which he shrugs off but nevertheless, he was sent to the medical bay for treatment.

On his way home, he meets Peppermint coming from the Sugars' World mentioning about spending time in his place. Reaching their house, Ryusuke arrives at the door and notices a note by his daughter and reads it, he then thinks that he has to atone for his sins after dealing with the situation. However, they noticed Welt entering the apartment who was ready to deal with him, only to be interrupted by Himeko. As Himeko prepares for dinner and the two sits in the dinner table, having their own fair share of awkward moments. During the akward silence, Peppermint suggests that they should use his powers to get rid of Welt while his guard is down, but Ryusuke declines as Welt may retaliate with a "defensive response" due to his readings about his database, thus telling him that a diplomacy is their only viable option. After Himeko prepares them a meal, he discusses about their alien hunting trip in Mexico and thanks Welt for looking after his daughter. During dinner, he also tells to him that seeing Himeko full of joy gives him happiness as well and wishes her to live a fulfilling life. After dinner, Ryusuke told Welt to come talk in private. In the balcony, he reveals to Welt about the Sugars and Peppermint's powers and then summons a portal that leads them to the Sugars' world.

Inside the Sugar's world, they took the physical form of the Sugars and followed Peppermint to a cake-looking fountain to gain information about the Sky People and the history of the Sugars. While Welt was doubtful about them, Ryusuke convinces him to trust them. Shortly, they were scolded by the other Sugars due to being human, thus causing an agitated Peppermint to bring them back to the real world. Just as they can finally agree to form a truce, Ryusuke sees his daughter lying unconscious on the ground. In the hospital, Ryusuke expresses shame that he was unable to be close to his daughter to protect her. When he saw her, he tried to call her but to no avail. Soonafter, he met Einstein and Tesla once again and learns that Himeko is no longer critically ill but the infection was unstoppable and continuously growing. He then begs them about what to do to save his daughter and is willing everything to save her, which is to go to the outer space. Later on, he flies to a rocket to space, surprised by Anti-Entropy's efforts to counter the stone disruption waves with the 4th Divine Key. Afterwards, Welt returns exhausted after his fight on the rocket and overusing his powers, Ryusuke complemented his efforts.

Staring the Earth in a window, Ryusuke monologizes about the theories in space, his dreams of space exploration, and humanity itself, and asks Welt about humanity growing attached to Earth. Ryusuke then shows Welt the intels about Project Ark, explaining about how it allows humanity to live on an another planet. Becoming progressively insane, Ryusuke adamantly pleas Welt to work with him about "freeing" humanity from Earth. Welt then tells him about Himeko and his will to sacrifice for humanity against the Houkai, Ryusuke becomes insane and yells at him for being like Schicksal as "myopic cowards", refusing his offer. Peppermint tried to hush Ryusuke, but suddenly he grabs Pepperment and crushes him with his own hand, killing him and absorbing his powers, telling to himself that he'll "just take what he needs". A shocked Welt demands that why did he betrayed his ally, Ryusuke then replies that he has completed their own deal by stopping the Sky People's Vanguard stone which allowed him to enter the Sugars' gestalt, as well as Peppermint allowing him to fulfill his own goals too, treating both the Divine Key and the Sugars as his own tools to achieve his goals. Ryusuke then reveals that he was actually responsible for activating the 4th Divine Key's powers that caused the attack on the US coastlines to scapegoat Otto and Schicksal, thus revealing that there was never a planned attack firsthand. He also told a furious Welt that his daughter is also just a tool of his, by revealing their location to the Sky People and attacking Himeko. His acts had gotten Welt off guard, as he is wanting to target Welt due to his Herrscher powers. Ryusuke was planning to take over Welt's Core of Reason to restore his body, which was badly damaged due to constant Honkai exposure which is why Otto had to let Ryusuke go and also to "lead humanity into a brighter future".

Both engage in battle by Ryusuke dragging Welt to the Candy Jar and using the Sugars' powerful Divine Key: the Alien Key. It was also revealed that after taking over the Alien Key and its incredible powers, Ryusuke had also imprisoned the other Sugars as well. He believes that this Divine Key had higher dimensional levels than Welt's, allowing him to see the planet's true nature and conspirate attacks which flusters Welt's perception of the dimensional plane. Despite being able to sever Welt into pieces with his newfound corrupted powers, Welt is able to regroup his body after touching his true Herrscher powers, being able to enter Ryusuke's higher dimensional plane. Welt then uses the Star of Eden's Singularity Rebuild, reverting all of the dimension and the Alien Keys' powers while also killing Ryusuke in the process, finally ending his ulterior motives once and for all.


  • Chronologically, Ryusuke made his first appearance in the Mystery Stigmata manga, however his face and identity were not shown and this is a non-canonical manga.

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