I'm a murderer!
~ The Murderer's only line.

The Murderer is a recurring antagonist in Klay World. He is a murderer who goes around Klay World shoots and kills other Klaymen for unknown reasons.

He was a minor antagonist in Klay World: Nap, Klay World: Secret Sniper, Klay World: Dan's Head and the titular main antagonist of Klay World: The Murderer.

He was voiced by Robert Benfer.


The Murderer's only line in the series is letting Klaymen know he is a murderer. But given of Dr. Bob's actions, he was possibly dimwitted and incompetent like other Klaymen.



Most of the murderer's past remains unknown or as to why he commits these murders.

Klay World: The Murderer

A group of Klaymen team up to put an end to the Murderer's killing spree. One of the Klaymen, Mark, claims that the Murderer screams to his victims that he is a murderer before he kills someone. After one of the Klaymen kept asking questions, the other Klayman sees someone walking up to them. Revealing to be the murderer, as he says he is a murderer, the four Klaymen quickly pull out their guns and excessively killed the murderer, ending his killing spree. One of the Klaymen then damaged the Murderer's corpse more with the use of a submachine gun.



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