The Murderer is the main antagonist of the popular ROBLOX video game The Mad Murderer.

The murderer is randomly selected from various different characters. Depending on the player's skill and purchased ability, the murderer can be very calculating or incompetent.

Their goal is to kill all the survivors (the innocents) without being shot and killed by the sheriff. There is no given motive for doing this, but once all the innocents have been killed, the round is over and the murderer wins.


When the round starts, the murderer is given a knife (which they can hide to conceal their identity and pretend to be an innocent). They have 90 seconds to kill the innocents. For every murder, an additional 10 seconds is given, unless the clock is at 30 or less seconds, in which 15 seconds are given. The player may equip abilities such as identifier, which allows them to identify the current sheriff, or shapeshifter, which changes their appearance to a new character that was not previously in the game.

If the murderer runs out of time, the innocents will win, regardless of whether the murderer dies or not. If the murderer is shot and killed, or commits suicide, the innocents will also win. If all of the innocents die, the murderer will win, however, if all the innocents die, and the sheriff kills the murderer, no one will win.

Murderer Madness

Once every five rounds, there is a chance of a special round called Murderer Madness. During this round, all players are the murderer and can use knives to kill the other characters until there is one left. The last one standing is the winner.


  • Spree-Killing: The murderer roams the map, violently kills everyone he/she sees.
  • Mystery: The murderer sneaks around, striking when people are alone and there are no witnesses.
  • Betrayal: The murderer blends in with the innocents and gains their trust, so as to take them by surprise when killing them.
  • Framing: The murderer keeps a designated person alive, to cause the others to suspect them.
  • Clean Hands: Causing sheriffs to shoot the wrong people, causing them both to die.
  • Babysitting: The murderer kills the sheriff and guards the gun, keeping innocents away.


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