The Murderers are the final antagonists of the 1981 anime film The Call of the Wild: Howl Buck. They are a trio of murderous criminals who kill John Thornton and his friends and want to kill Buck.

They were voiced by Steve Cramer and Tom Wyner in the English version.


After Buck and his pack successfully hunt an elk, he hears gunshots coming from Thornton's camp. Buck arrives and discovers that Thornton and his friends have been killed and howls in sadness.

Buck finds the murderers and attacks them. The murderers try to shoot at Buck, but Buck was too fast. One of the murderers tries to climb up a cliff to get away. However, Buck grabs onto his leg, causing him to fall off to his death.

The other murderers try to flee from Buck and continue to shoot at him until Buck pushes one of the murderers off the cliff. The last murderer mourns over his death and was almost relieved that Buck was seemingly gone until Buck pushes him off the cliff as well. Buck was finally free from humanity and was free to live with his pack.



  • They are based on the Yeehat Indians from Jack London's original novel.
  • When the murderers try to shoot at Buck, the first murderer's coat is red, but it turns orange in the next shot. Before the murderer tries to get away, it is red again. However, when he falls off, it turns back to orange. The second murderer's coats was green at first. However, when they shoot at Buck, it turns to orange. As the first murderer falls off, it turns back to green, but when they run away from Buck, it turns orange again. It is unknown why those mistakes occured.


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