You're doing this for Kevin? (Martin: I swear to God.) Then you do whatever it takes. You make them pay for what they did to our boy!
~ Muriel encouraging her husband to avenge their son's death.

Muriel Walker is a minor antagonist of White House Down. She is the wife of Martin Walker (the corrupted head of Presidential Detail who is in league with Eli Raphelson).

She was portrayed by Barbara Williams.


Muriel Walker is first seen when Martin Walker, her husband, is seen getting ready for work on the fateful day the White House is taken over by terrorists. He is seen loading his Beretta 92FS pistol and removing his American flag pin and placing it next to a picture of their late son, Kevin. It is later revealed that Martin himself is working with the terrorists, who are just mercenaries led by Emil Stenz, to hold President James Sawyer hostage and destroy his peace treaty in revenge for Kevin's death. Muriel is later brought in by Special Agent Carol Finnerty and informs her that Martin has a brain tumor that may suggest a suicidal mission rather than ransom.

Getting through the phone speaker, Muriel admitted to her husband that she had to tell the authorities about his tumor, to which he understands perfectly. She initially attempts to talk down Martin and beg him to just come home. However, after hearing her husband's justification over his plot, rather than telling him to stop his rampage, Muriel instead tells him to continue on and avenge the death of their son, much to Carol's anger. As a result, Carol arrests Muriel and places her under federal custody, threatening Martin that she will have Muriel locked up forever if he doesn't back down. Martin didn't care and continued the attack anyways.

Following the deaths of her husband and the mercenaries as well as Eli Raphelson's arrest, it's likely that Muriel was sentenced to life in a federal prison as Carol promised, but given her lack of involvement in her husband's plans, it's possible that this was just a threat from Carol's part. Regardless of that, Muriel's now a widow.

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