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Muriel and Floyd are the secondary antagonists of The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue. They are two stray cats who intend to eat the mice of NIMH, particularly Timothy Brisby.

Muriel and Floyd originally worked for Martin Brisby who has turned evil. Their final defeat is when Timothy races them to the elevator while its car is still out of sight, making them fall to the bottom of the building.

The cats are voiced by both Andrea Martin and the late Harvey Korman (who also played Hedley Lamarr).


Muriel & Floyd first appear while they were singing in the alley, only to be thrown trash by the neighbors. however dr. valentine, who was hypnotize by Martin. lure the cats with cat food. later Floyd and Muriel were hypnotize and were turn into big cats. later in the film, Timothy who is Martin bribe's little brother, comes to rescue him. however Timothy was forced to guard and watch if anyone comes. only for Muriel and Floyd to capture them. Muriel would later take Jenny Away. after Timothy was free by his sidekick, Muriel & Floyd later chased Tim to the elevator, as they would later be defeated with the help of martin's sidekick. However, Muriel and Floyd survived the fall while they were on the elevator. They were last seen chasing Martin to the elevator again, only to fall. this causes Floyd to tell Muriel, "I always love you, Muriel!", which Muriel responds with "Oh shut up, Floyd.", as Muriel and Floyd both fall to their presumed deaths. it is unknown if they survived or not, but it could implied they most likely did. as they did not appear for the rest of the film.


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