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In the name of His Highness, King Orm, I place you under arrest.
~ Murk after defeating Aquaman

Murk is the captain of Ocean Master's royal guard, the Men-of-War, and a supporting antagonist in the 2018 superhero film Aquaman.

He was portrayed by Ludi Lin in his first villainous role.


King Orm Marius had sent Murk up to the surface to pay David Kane for his services in capturing a Russian Nuclear Submarine and staging an attack on Nereus and Orm. Murk then dropped the money in front of David's feet and left as David asked for him and Orm's help in killing Aquaman, but just shrugged him off.

Orm then orders Murk and a squadron of soldiers to ambush Aquaman in Nuidis Vulko's meeting place. After Aquaman defeats the soldiers, Murk enters the meeting place and fights against him with a sword. Murk overpowers Aquaman and defeats him saying that he is to be taken into custody by the orders of King Orm Marius, then Murk knocks Aquaman out.

After Arthur escaped from Atlantis with Mera to go look for the trident of the first king of Atlantis, Orm sent Murk and his royal guards to go hunt down and kill Arthur as well as retrieve Mera for her father. Along the way, the guards delivered some high-tech Atlantean weaponry to David Kane and recruited him to help them hunt down Aquaman.

Murk, the guards, and David Kane (now going by Black Manta) manage to track Arthur and Mera to Sicily thanks to the ring Orm had placed on Mera's finger prior to their escape. The guards ambush the two, with Black Manta fighting Aquaman while Murk attempts to incapacitate Mera. Despite having his hand cut off by Mera, his armor quickly heals the wound and allows him to keep on fighting. Mera later breaks his helmet as well, forcing Murk to rush over to a toilet and dips his head since, as a full-blooded Atlantean, Murk is unable to survive without water. It is unknown what happens to him later in the movie; whether he was killed Mera or he went back to Atlantis and was arrested for his crimes.



  • Ocean Master - Former King
  • Nuidis Vulko
  • Men-of-War - Subordinates
  • Black Manta - Situational Ally
  • Nereus - Situational Ally


  • Aquaman
  • Mera - Ally turned Enemy


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