Murky 2

Murky Dismal is the main villain from Rainbow Brite.


In the episode "Mom" it is revealed that, as a toddler, he colored on the walls with crayons, markers, paints, rollers, and finally an industrial airbrush.

His mother made him wash off "every bit of color, if it takes all day, if it takes the rest of your life," leading Murky to his hatred of color as an adult.

He loves to invent devices to create gloom clouds which remove color and make people hopeless. He is constantly trying to capture the Color Kids or take Rainbow Brite's Color Belt. His full first name is Murkwell.

In "The Beginning of Rainbow Land", he was a servant of the Evil One until he was vanquished by Rainbow using color against him as guided by the Sphere of Light.

Just like Murky, the Evil One also hated color. With the Evil One defeated, that's how Murky started coming up with multiple schemes and trying many times to take color from Rainbow Land.

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