Murmur 2

Murmur in the Shadow Labyrinth

Murmur is a minor antagonist of the online game World of Warcraft.

Murmur was born when the very universe was created, and is the embodiment of sound. Little is known about him other than that. Eventually, the Shadow Council attempted to summon him into the ruins of Auchindoun for their own purpouses. Unfortunately for them, Murmur was far too powerful for them to control and broke free from their control.

Adventurers learnd of the Council's plans, and stormed the Shadow Labyrinth. They slaughtered the remaining members of the Shadow Council members who were hiding within the halls of the Labyrinth. When they reached the final room, they found several soldiers of the council in battle with Murmur, but every last one of them were killed when the adventurers joined the fray. Murmur was engaged in battle, who proceeded to use his sound-based abilities to attempt to kill them. In the end, Murmur was defeated, but because of his status as an elemental rather than a biological being it is unknown wether he was truly killed or not.

In the Codex of Blood, it is said a single whisper from Murmur can destroy an entire world.

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