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Muro Hasegawa is the main antagonist of the 2001 action video game Oni. He is the leader of the criminal organization known as the Syndicate and is the older brother of Konoko, the game's protagonist.


Muro is first seen at the Musashi Manufacturing plant talking with his enforcer, Barabas. He has acquired a cybernetic "Deadly Brain", which is housed inside the plant. Konoko manages to shut the Deadly Brain down, but Muro sends his men to attack the Vago Biotech research lab. Konoko defeats Barabas, who reports back to Muro that she is too strong.

At night, the Syndicate attacks the airport, which Muro uses as a distraction to escape by plane. Konoko pursues him through the airport and manages to plant a tracker on his plane. He then discusses his plan to have Barabas steal Shinatama, a "simulated life doll" that gives Konoko directions. Two days later, the Syndicate raids the TCTF headquarters, kidnapping Shinatama and taking her to the atmospheric conversion center where he tortures her.

After Konoko goes rogue, Muro sends his master ninja Mukade to steal the files containing her past, but she pursues and kills him. Afterward, Doctor Kerr reveals to Konoko that Muro is her brother, and one of the two humans implanted with a Daodan Chrysalis.

Muro is revealed to be working on "Project: STURMANDERUNG", which is a plan to poison the atmosphere and kill everyone who isn't implanted with a Chrysalis. Konoko single-handedly raids the Syndicate mountain compound and slows down the project, but has to face Muro in combat. If she killed Griffin, Muro will mutate into his Imago form and face her alone. If she let Griffin live, Muro will remain human but is accompanied by some Syndicate troops, while Griffin arrives to help Konoko with some TCTF Black Ops troops. Regardless, Konoko manages to kill Muro.