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Murozond is a minor villain from the online game World of Warcraft.

For years, the mysterious Infinite Dragonflight have been attempting to bring about the end of the world by going back in time and altering key events in history. They are lead by one single leader but his identity was never known.

Recently, however, an unknown entity had shattered the timeways so that the Bronze Dragonflight Aspect, Nozdormu, could not send others back in time. He could, however, send others forward in time, and did exactly that so that they could find the culprit and make the timeways free once again.

The future was a nightmare - Deathwing had won the war, resulting in the end of the world. Deathwing himself was consumed his his own power and his impaled body layed on the top of the Wyrmrest Temple. The heroes had to kill their former leaders, now consumed by insanity. They were defeated, and the enterence to the Bronze Dragonshrine was opened. There, the Infinate Dragonflight were using the Hourglass of Time to keep the timeways blocked. The Infinite Dragonflight footsoldiers were killed, and their true leader descended from the sky. This massive dragon, Murozond, battled the heroes in an epic fight. The heroes used the Hourglass of Time to go backwards in order to reset his dangerous abilities, and eventually the insane dragon fell. His corpse faded away, and a large treasure chest appeared which contained rewards for the heroes.

Nozdormu then revealed a terrible secret - he was infact Murozond. In the near future, Nozdormu had attempted to prevent the death he was destined to face, but was tricked and corrupted by the Old Gods and blocked the timeways, thus creating the Infinite Dragonflight. Nozdormu said that the heroes would eventually have to face Murozond once again in their own timeline, and had to face his inevitable fate.