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Ladies and gentlemmen, we present to you, this year's dumb-alum.
~ Murphy

Murphy is a one-time villain from the FOX animated sitcom, The Cleveland Show, only appearing in the episode, "B.M.O.C.". He is a fraternity boy at Kappa Alpha Kappa, who humiliated Cleveland and then sexually assaulted his daughter, Roberta.


In "B.M.O.C.", Cleveland was showing Roberta what college life is like. He brought her to his former college and to his old fraternity, Kappa Alpha Kappa, where he used to be known for being a popular guy with the nickname "B.M.O.C." Cleveland announced his return, assuming people would know who he was and respect him. This caught the attention of Brad, Murphy, and Fart. Three boys, who thought he was a total loser and wanted to screw with him. The trio went up to Cleveland and pretended to know him, saying that they were holding a challenge to see who was the best alumnus and that if he won, he'd get his name engraved on the wall of fame.

Brad, Murphy, and Fart got Cleveland drunk by challenging him to drink an entire kiddie pool of beer which got him so drunk, that he woke up, duct-taped to a donkey. Murphy announced to everybody that Cleveland was the winner of the contest but was clearly showing that he was speaking ironically, which Cleveland didn't pick up on at first. Murphy called Cleveland a "dumb-alum" and this eventually struck Cleveland that he was being insulted. Murphy slapped the ass of the ass and sent Cleveland into the forest.

Brad, Murphy, and Fart later went to The Queercore Underground Afrobeat Microhouse Memphis Soul Post-Meta-Folk Festival (QUAMMPF), where they met up with Roberta and Federline and proudly told them what they did to her father. Roberta didn't find what they did too amusing and Murphy just laughed this off and changed the subject, telling her to ditch her boyfriend and party with him and the other guys. Roberta refused and left to find Cleveland but Murphy stopped her and joked that he might be in her shirt and that he should take a look. Federline approached him and Murphy punched him to the ground. Roberta, not wanting to get raped, began to fistfight with the three of them and easily won. Roberta pinned Murphy's unconscious body to the ground and demanded he tell her where Cleveland is. Murphy pussed out and told her that he was in the forest and Roberta went after him, leaving the three boys beaten silly, hopefully never to return to her.


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