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Murray is the secondary antagonist in the 2014 direct-to-video animated Barbie film, Barbie: The Pearl Princess. He is an eel who is a minion of Caligo.

He is voiced by Peter New, who also voiced Discord in My Little Pony series.


Murray started working with Caligo, having result taking all their plans, they should do it is forcing Scylla to kill her niece, Lumina and making Fergis to become a heir of the kingdom. In short, he is selfish and very loyal to Caligo. He sees Scylla makes the potions even after his arrived in her home, which intending to telling her about that sends a messaging from Caligo, much to their answers. However, but this ways, Murray told Scylla that Caligo want to leading her poisoning the king at the royal ball, and Fergis will be crowning. To have listening its refused, Scylla know that she is worried, Murray then threaten to telling everyone that she murdering the princess, by got way to invited to the ball, making her agreed. When Lumina show up it, Scylla is upset and kicks Murray out of the home, because she never hurt her niece as well.

Aftermath, Murray coming back to Seagundia's castle, when Caligo speaking to his son, and he inkling to finds his wife for him. Murray was scaring Caligo as time in fact, to informed him of his smoothness by gains his plan for makes Scylla accepted, which they realized that Lumina is 17 years old, until their protests. Upon Caligo would be dubious, he asked Murray to sought the girl and bring her to him. Eventually, Murray returned to Scylla's home, as he orders his partners, Garth and Wormwood, to finding Lumina. They was shocked to saw her is not here but had been located to the city. When Murray discovered a bracelet with the royal chest, he managing to take it back to Caligo, who thinks Scylla tricks him about that the princess is still alive. However, Murray later ordered by Caligo, he act in concert with his friends to seized her.

Upon arrived in the royal ball, Caligo going to drinking the punch, at which, Murray appearing from the bowl, told him to makes sure that everything spread to plans. He watching the princess dancing with Prince Delphin, after said it that she is Lumina, who have missing in earlier, which Caligo thought that is right. With the help of Caligo, Murray capturing Lumina and her sidekick, Kuda, together with his partners, and they locked them into dungeon. Where they playing a card game, Lumina sweep up to getting the key with her pearl magic, as Kuda always protect her. She throwing a pearls at each eels and tricked them into struggle, which then flees together with Kuda. Upon the girls escaped from dungeon, Murray and the eels sees them leaves. They tried to chase them and ended up being defeated.


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