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Villain Overview

Ha ha ha! Blood! Love it. So fun! What was that, again? You're gonna save him, right?! So why're you running?! That's a weird way to save someone!
~ Muscular's twisted nature.
Little kids are always so quick to say it's someone else's fault. Don't get the wrong idea. It's not like I took them out because I was mad about the eye thing. I wanted to kill people, it's as simple as that and those two tried to stop me. What happened was the result of all of us doing our best. The real travesty is promising to do something you aren't able to do. THAT'S WHY YOUR DEAR OLD MOMMY AND DADDY DIED!
~ Muscular to Kota Izumi about his parents.

Goto Imasuji, also known as Muscular, later Jailbreaker, is a minor antagonist in the manga/anime series My Hero Academia. He is a villain affiliated with the League of Villains and a member of the organization's Vanguard Action Squad. He serves as one of the main antagonists of the Forest Training Camp Arc and a minor antagonist in the Paranormal Liberation War Arc.

He is a psychopathic madman who is responsible for the deaths of the Pro Hero team, Water Hose. The battle left him with an enormous scar on the left side of his face. As a result, he received an artificial eye to cover the wound, as well as receive replacements, if the original were to be damaged or lost.

He is voiced by Kosuke Takaguchi in the Japanese dub of the anime, and Jim Foronda in the English dub.


Muscular is a completely cruel and sadistic man, being uncaring and ruthless towards everyone he meets and is willing to kill out of pure enjoyment and satisfaction; including innocent people and even children. He shows to have a very high level of bloodlust, with him likely joining the League of Villains only to be able to run wild and kill whomever he pleases.

Despite this though, Muscular does appear to have ideals of his own and believes that one's will is determined through their strength and abilities to accomplish what they desire. He openly admitted to not holding a grudge against the Water Hose duo for losing his eye to them, and that he just wanted to kill people with them wanting to stop him and failing, which resulted in their deaths. Because of this, he is very honest about himself and is willing to admit how strong his opponents are, if they are putting up a worthy fight for him.

While not necessarily incompetent, Muscular is quite simple minded, as he is the one that accidentally revealed Bakugo's kidnapping to Izuku Midoriya, not even being aware of it. Along with this, he is very arrogant and prideful of himself. He looks down on his opponents and enjoys taunting with them, especially those he views as weak, in which he takes pleasure tormenting them. Ironically, his arrogance would ultimately be what lead him to his defeat.

When encountering Deku again, Muscular was excited to meet him again, due to considering him a worthy opponent compared to the others which he believed to be cowards, and was excited to have a rematch with him. When Deku tried to break through to him and understand his path in life, even knowing his real name Goto Imasuji, Muscular stated that he wants to live without the regret of not having fun killing, and taunting him for sympathizing with him because he only lives for blood and violence, showing that Muscular is a truly irredeemable psychopath.


Forest Training Camp Arc

Muscular alongside his teammates.

Muscular first appears in Good Evening, where he is shown to be observing the U.A. campsite, along with Dabi, Himiko Toga, and Mustard. Muscular wished to join in the action already, but Mustard advised him not to rush in, as it was not time yet. While Toga and Mustard discussed each other about their "shadowy orchestrator", Muscular cared less, as he was mainly interested in fighting the U.A. students, but was then silenced by Dabi. Eventually, the rest of the league joined up with them, and together, the squad went into action.

Muscular confronts Midoriya and Kota.

Once the Vanguard Action Squad spread out, Muscular went on his own where he came across the young boy, Kota. He was surprised to see him, since he was not on the list of heroes that he was given. Nonetheless, he treated him as anything but a threat, admiring his hat, and offers to trade it for his mask. Once he took of his mask, Kota immediately recognized him as the man that murdered his parents and took off, but was immediately stopped when Muscular jumped back in front of him. Muscular proceeded to attack, but missed his attack when Izuku Midoriya came to save Kota. Muscular then recognized Midoriya as one of the heroes on the list, which grew his anticipation of a battle.

Preparing for battle.

Muscular proceeds to mock Midoriya for saving Kota, saying he's just like any other aspiring hero that will save everyone, no matter what. Muscular proceeds to attack, activating his Quirk and lands a hit on Midoriya, sending him straight to the wall. Muscular then asks him about Katsuki Bakugo's whereabouts, accidentally revealing the whole plan of the attack. Giving him no time to answer, Muscular immediately attacks him, sending him flying in the air then kicks him back to the wall, mocking him as he watches the young hero struggle. Midoriya attempts to attack back, but Muscular was able to block it and knocks him back away.

Muscular begins explaining how his Quirk works, in which the power of his Quirk cannot be contained by his skin. He then mocks Midoriya once more, calling him an inferior version of himself and how he's failing to save Kota. Before he could finish him off, Kota throws a rock at his head, which caught Muscular's attention. When Kota asks him if he's going to torture Midoriya the same way he did to his parents the Water Horses, Muscular is surprised that the young boy is the child of the heroes that he murdered. Kota states how the result of his prosthetic eye is because of how his kind gets involved in such actions, in which his words hardly affect the villainous being at all, stating that he kills because he feels like it. He claims that he holds no grudge of his parents, that his parents were doing their best, ultimately leading to their downfall.

Battling Midoriya.

Midoriya then strikes back to attack Muscular, but instead of directly attacking him, he lands a hit into his muscle fiber, impeding his speed. Midoriya then proceeds to hit him with a 100% One For All punch. Muscular was sent into the wall, but was able to tank the punch, as he created a shield with his muscle fiber. Muscular was somewhat impressed by his punch then marched towards him. Midoriya demands why the League of Villains are attacking, but Muscular had no clue, as he was only here for his own enjoyment. From this point on, it is revealed that Muscular's been holding back this entire time, as he puts on a eye-like device, going all out. His entire body begins to cover up in muscle fiber as he attacks the pair boys. The two were able to evade him, but Muscular immediately strikes back again and again.

Muscular's defeat.

Casting Kota aside, Midoriya clashes against Muscular with a 100% Detroit Smash. While Muscular did felt pain, he noted how that attack was weaker than before. Despite this, Midoriya continues to hold him back, but is eventually overwhelmed as Muscular begins pushing him into the ground. Suddenly, Muscular's attacked by a splash of water, which is revealed to be Kota's Quirk. Being distracted by Kota, Midoriya takes the advantage of pushing back Muscular. He is then finished off by a 1000000% Delaware Detroit Smash, smashing into the wall, completely knocked out.

Following the Vanguard Action Squad's escape, Muscular was one of the villains left to be captured by the police, along with Mustard and Moonfish. He was then sentenced to be imprisoned in Tartarus.

Current Arc

Muscular remained heavily sealed within Tartartus as time went by. However, following the events of the Paranormal Liberation War, Muscular was freed from his imprisonment when Tomura (under All For One's influence) led a raid on the prison with the Near-High End Nomus. Muscular proceeded to battle and kill many of the guards before eventually making his way outside as he observed All For One himself reuniting with Tomura.

Muscular took charge of breaking criminals out of prisons across Japan, gaining the nickname "Jailbreaker" in the process. Yo Shindo and Tatami Nakagame of Ketsubutsu High School were sent to evacuate the citizens, but they distrusted them due to the societal disillusionment towards heroes. As they walked away, they got a call from their classmates Shikkui Makabe and Itejiro Toteki, warning them that Jailbreaker was heading their way. Suddenly, Muscular bursts through a building, yelling that he wants to play. He expresses his dissatisfaction that there are only two heroes for him to attack, and revels that he is finally freed from prison.

Yo tries to fight Muscular alone but is quickly incapacitated, to Tatami's horror. Muscular taunts Yo that he is unable to break through his heavy layers of muscles and prepares to kill him, causing Tatami to yell in shock while the civilians take it into their own hands to save him despite their powerlessness. Suddenly, Izuku knocks Muscular back and saves Yo due to his Danger Sense alerting him of the supervillain, while Muscular is glad that he can torment Izuku again.

Muscular and Midoriya's rematch.

They have a fight in which Izuku makes use of multiple other Quirks from the previous one For All users, and they exchange words with Izuku trying to understand Muscular's way of thinking and reveals his real name much to the latter's annoyance as he just wants to fight, the fight ends with Izuku knocking out Muscular with a blow to his stomach. To the Ketsubutsu students' surprise, Muscular had been easily defeated and restrained by Blackwhip. Muscular was later handed over to officials at the nearest police station, placing him under arrest once more.

Powers and Abilities

Muscular activating his Quirk.

  • Muscle Augmentation: Muscular's Quirk allows him to augment his muscles under his skin, granting him immense power and speed. He can also augment his entire body, in order to provide him protection.
  • Superhuman Strength: Because of his Quirk, Muscular has a high degree of super strength. Even without his Quirk, however, he is still a powerhouse, as he was able to knock back Izuku Midoriya with just a kick. When using his Quirk, he's capable of shattering rocks and overpowering Midoriya with ease.
  • Superhuman Durability: Muscular's Quirk provides a high degree of durability. Even after using 100% of his power, Midoriya was not able to harm Muscular with major damage. It took him more than 100% of his power to put Muscular down for good.
  • Superhuman Speed: Muscular's Quirk provides him extremely fast movements, as he was able to catch Midoriya off his guard many times during their fight.

Overall, Muscular is one of the most powerful members of the League of Villains. So far, he's been Midoriya's toughest opponent yet. He was able to inflict critical injuries on him, and Midoriya was forced to go beyond his limit to take him down, resulting in permanent damage to his right arm.


My Quirk increases my speed and strength so exponentially that my muscle fibers can't even be contained by my skin. I know I'm bragging a bit, but I mean come on? I guess what I'm trying to say is... you're just an inferior version of me! I can't help but laugh at you, kid!
~ Muscular
What's wrong? That was even weaker than before! Still looking after him... oh man! YOU'RE SOMETHING ELSE, AREN'T YOU?
~ Muscular taunting Izuku Midoriya as he tries to kill him.
Hold on there kid! I'll kill you after I'm done with...
~ Muscular responding when Kota tries to stop him, before Izuku gets back up.
Like I care. All I wanna do is rampage. As long as I get to use my Quirk without holding back, I'm good.
~ Muscular explaining his goals.
Heya! Let's play!! Just two of ya? That's not enough! Got any pals around?
~ Muscular encountering the Heroes from Ketsubutsu.
Time... ...for a blood frenzy!
~ Muscular preparing to kill Yo Shindo.
I'd never forget you! It's really you, right? Right?! Midoriya! I've missed you, little guy! All these pathetic wimps just don't measure up! It's not enough!!
~ Muscular recognizing Izuku during their rematch.
It's not like that. You've got me all wrong. I ain't out for revenge or anything dramatic. The way I see it, going wild with my Quirk is all I could ever ask for. But I'm only human, y'know? You taught me the meaning of fun, back then... ...and that was the point of no return!
~ Muscular talking to Izuku about their rivalry.
Deku: I know Shigaraki and All For One released you. Where are they now?
Muscular: Who knows? They just told me to go wild and left me on my own. Why ask about them when I'm right here? You're bumming me out! And these little gimmicks... boring! C'mon, let's have a rematch! Mano a mano! No holds barred!
~ Muscular talking about his current intentions.
Deku: Why... do you rage like this?
Muscular: I just wanna live without regrets.
Deku: Regrets? Such as...
Muscular: Such as not indulging and having fun at every chance I get!
Deku: Was there really no other path for you... Goto Imasuji?
Muscular: Nope! You trying to sympathize with me or something?! Peddle that crap somewhere else!! Cuz all you'll find in my soul... is blood... and violence!!
~ Muscular showing he is far beyond redemption.


  • Muscular's fight with Izuku Midoriya is similar to Nomu's fight with All Might. Both villains were incredibly strong and durable opponents that forced the two heroes to go beyond their limit to defeat them.
  • It's possible that Muscular's attack on the summer camp could be a reference to Jason Voorhees' attack on the camp counsellors. This is supported by the fact that both wear similar masks and are motivated by bloodlust.
  • Muscular is one of the few villains acknowledged by Overhaul to be first rate villains. The others being Moonfish and Stain.
  • Muscular is the first villain Izuku had to defeat on his own.
  • Hood, a High-End Nomu created by Daruma Ujiko, happened to possess the same Quirk as Muscular. It's later revealed that in the past Muscular received a medical examination by Ujiko, most likely meaning the latter somehow copied his Quirk and gave it to Hood.
    • His Quirk would also be given to Wolfram by All For One in the My Hero Academia: Two Heroes movie.

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