I should have hid myself better.
~ Mushikagoloid's final words before his death.

Mushikagoloid is a cage-themed robot and is the main antagonist in episode 27 of 2012 TV series called Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters.

He is voiced by Yasuhiro Takato who previously voiced JJ Jetton, SS Sutatanzo, a Copy Org, Quotaian Dagonel, Sorcery Priest Meemy, Tsuneki, a Straw Banki, Fandaho of Nonsense, Daiyarl and later voiced Debo Vaacance, Jashinger, Demeran Yatmis and Carantula.


Mushikagoloid made his first appearance when Enter used the Kakasu (which means hide) virus on a bug cage to create him. He was then given a task to use the Living Body Program Research Institute's camera system to project fake walls to turn the complex into a labyrinth so the Go-Busters would not interfere in Enter's plans to evolve Messiah.

He then appeared at the lobby of the lab with an army of Buglars that he sent to battle the Busters. Once the footsoldiers were destroyed he then open fired on the team after that he gives them to chase him if they want to find the doctor's daughter. During the chase he used the holographic projection to disguised himself as a wall into fooling the Busters that he went down one of the paths.

A while later he was at the location where Messiah is being evolved and was surprised that they found the doc's daughter, but due to Enter's confidence he was made sure that the Busters won't escape the labyrinth. A while later when they found out the walls are fake they destroyed the security cameras and found Mushikagoloid thus continuing the chase.

A while later he then summoned a cage to trap the three busters in it, but they manage to destroy it, so he continued to create more cage-like walls to prevent the team from catching up to him, but they still managed to destroy the cages. After that Mushikagoloid is destroyed by Red Buster, Yellow Buster, and Stag Buster using their Ichigan Buster, Morphing Blaster, and Hiromu finishing him with his energized Sougan Blade.

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