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Mustakrakish is the main antagonist in the Metalocalypse episode "Dethtroll".

He was voiced by the Metallica lead singer/vocalist/rhythm guitarist James Hetfield, who also voiced Eye-Gouged Fan/Goat, a sniper, and Snorkey the Sailor in the same series.


Mustakrakish is a red Finnish lake troll who is woken up when Dethklok performs a song named "Awaken". He proceeds to go on a rampage that reaches throughout a whole nation, killing thousands of people, destroying entire cities, and disabling all electronics in Finland.

The band tries to make him go back to sleep with a quiet and gentle song. However, this nearly works until when a Dethphone starts to ring, making him wake up again. When William Murderface has a dropped call, he gets so angry and throws the Dethphone at the monstrous troll who tries to swallow it accidentally. However, he gets the Dethphone lodged in his throat, having it making minor cuts inside his throat.

Instead of trying to remove the Dethphone out of his throat, Mustakrakish then begins to scream in pain and accidentally disembowels himself trying to remove the phone from his throat. After having defeated Mustakrakish in the process, all of the band members of Dethklok later eat large parts of the troll's body during the credits.


Mustakrakish is a sadistic and destructive troll who takes delight in causing destruction of cities and killing thousands of people. He is also shown to have a cruel and dangerous personality.



  • The name's part "Musta" translates to "black" in Finnish.
  • Mustakrakish also appears in the official music video for "Awaken" and the second issue of the Dethklok comic book miniseries, where Dethklok returns to Finland to apologize for awakening him during their previous visit while a cult of troll worshipers plan to use them to unleash the end times through trolls.

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