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You're getting a top-notch education at a famous school. At least use some strategy. If're barely worth killing.
~ Mustard to Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu.
Hey... aren't you supposed to be heroes someday? It doesn't make much sense to me... how a simpleton like you gets praised because of your school's reputation... you're pampered by the world just because of your alma mater!! Don't ya think it's not right?!
~ Mustard expressing his resentment towards U.A. students.

Mustard is a minor antagonist from the manga/anime series, My Hero Academia. He is affiliated with the League of Villains, and a member of the organization's Vanguard Action Squad.

He is a Villain with a sleeping gas Quirk, but due to not being immune to his own power, he must wear a gas mask to avoid being affected when he uses it.

He is voiced by Kiyotaka Furushima in the Japanese dub, and Daman Mills in the English dub.


While not much is known about Mustard in terms of background, as to how or why he became a villain. He does seem to hold some sort of jealousy towards U.A. students, and how they're treated and pampered by society due to the school's popularity. He also seems to be very merciless and cruel, as shown when he shot at Tetsutetsu with his gun and showed no hesitation at all while doing so.

His ruthlessness aside, Mustard does the prove to have some tactical intellect and a degree of pragmatism. He believes that equipment’s function is more important over it looking stylish or cute, and chastised Himiko Toga for believing otherwise. He also states that no matter how powerful a person’s Quirk is, it doesn’t change the fact that they’re still human.

Because of his jealousy towards U.A., he has shown signs of arrogance when constantly mocking Tetsutesu's simple mind and bragging about his own skill with his Quirk, which ultimately led to his own downfall.


Vs. Hero Killer Arc

Mustard first appears in The Aftermath of Hero Killer: Stain. After Stain's arrest, his ideology spread around, influencing the villains into committing further crimes. One of them was Mustard.

Forest Training Camp Arc

Later on, he joined the League of Villains and took part in the Vanguard Action Squad, where he (along with Muscular, Dabi and Himiko Toga) watch the U.A. students at their training camp, planning their attack. Growing impatient, Muscular wanted to get into the action, but Mustard reminds him that there is no need to rush in. Himiko then complains about how her mask doesn't look cute, in which Mustard replies by telling her that doesn't matter, but instead its function does.

Facing off against Tetsutesu.

The next night, the team began to attack the camp, with Mustard going on his own by spreading his gas in the forest. After knocking out Juzo Honenuki with his Quirk, Mustard began to move forward in the forest. Eventually, he stopped in his tracks, as he could sense multiple individuals were coming towards him. Despite this, he was not concerned about the situation. Instead, he pulled out his gun, ready to shoot with no mercy. Immediately, Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu charges towards him, but then gets shot by Mustard's gun. Although the bullet destroyed his mask, Tetsutetsu himself was not injured, due to his Quirk. Regardless, Mustard continues to shoot him, while at the same time mocking him for using the same tactic over and over. He then attempts to shoot Itsuka Kendo, but Tetsutetsu took the hit in his head.

Mustard's defeat.

Mustard begins to mock the two U.A. students at how much of a simple plain they had. He begins to explain how his Quirk works, in which he can sense movements through his gas, due to it being his own creation. He then hides into his gas, in which Tetsutetsu attempts to find him, only to be shot in the head once more. As he continues to fight, Mustard notices that Tetsutetsu's Quirk is slowly beginning to get weaker, meaning that it was only a matter of time for Tetsutetsu to fall asleep. He mocks Tetsutetsu for being a simple minded fool that just rushes into action with no strategy, and questions how someone like him could possibly live up to be a hero. He then dispatches the hero with a kick.

Itsuka tries to attack Mustard, but he managed to avoid her attack, due to his senses. She then strikes him by using her Quirk, knocking him back a bit. Mustard then hides back into his gas, warning Itsuka not to get overconfident about her Quirk. However, Itsuka points out that Mustard himself has no confidence in him, seeing how he brought a gun to defend himself. Angered, Mustard attempts to kill her, but was quickly knocked out by a sneak attack punch from Tetsutetsu.

After his defeat, he was arrested and placed into prison, along with Muscular and Moonfish.


Mustard unleashing his Quirk.

  • Gas: Mustard's Quirk allows him to produce a gas that puts anyone around it to sleep. Mustard is not immune to his own Quirk, as he is forced to wear a gas mask whenever he uses it. He can also sense movements within his gas, allowing him to detect others.

Outside of his Quirk, Mustard is not much of a combatant. He carried a 38 Revolver with him and seemed to have relied on it heavily. Despite this, he also proved to be cunningly smart and strategic, as he's shown to put good use of his Quirk and his surrounding environment to his advantage.



  • His villain name and Quirk is likely a reference to sulfur mustard.
  • He is a teenager which, alongside Himiko Toga, makes him one of the youngest members of the League.

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