Quote: Your success makes me wonder what kind of world you come from, and what would result if you touched the prize I protect.


Mutaclone is the head of the three Exalted Ones and the supreme leader of the Clan, and he is a major antagonist in Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future.

Mutaclone is the most decorated of all the three generals. He is a giant black and white Dolphin with red eyes and a red tattoo on his forehead. Mutaclone, like his fellow Clan warriors and generals and two fellow Exalted Ones, has spikes surrounding his dorsal fin. Unlike other Clan Dolphins, Mutaclone has a long, swordlike spike on his snout like a swordfish. His fight arena is a very gloomy place. Mutaclone has the ability to fire sharp icicles at Ecco. Despite being the leader of the clan, Mutaclone is shown to be the least malicious and most honorable member of the Clan even going as far as to consider giving Ecco the trait of Wisdom under consideration that the world from which Ecco came from might indeed be a better world.