The Mutant Leader is the leader of Mutants, one of the gangs that wreak havoc in Gotham City. He appears in the final season of Gotham.

He was portrayed by Sid O'Connell.


Unnamed man takes over the leadership of the Mutants from Terence Shaw before the No Man's Land. Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle go to the the Dark Zone during their search for J, and found themselves face to face with the Mutants. They try to talk to them about J but they engaged in a fight intent on killing both Bruce and Selina. While managed to subdue him she lost control because of her new powers but Bruce stopped her with a weapon. After a brutal fight The Mutant Leader eventually tells Bruce and Selina that the J was at the Old Town Church.

The Mutant Leader was later seen under Ivy Pepper's control, which she makes him attack Selina intent on Killing her.


  • Penguin, Our Hero
  • The Trial of Jim Gordon



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