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Mutilator is a powerful Dozer-class F.R.E.AK. and one of two boss characters found in the video game Bio F.R.E.A.K.S.


Mutilator is another soul ripped of the flesh and crammed into a mechanical body. Unfortunately, Mutilator has no issues about her position and loves to pummel her opponents. Powerful and exacting, her strategies and weapons are nearly flawless, though her slow speed has resulted in a few close victories.

Mutilator has no emotions. She doesn't even have any real thoughts (at least not when she's in battle). The scientists and top executives control her mind from the secret labs at Micro-Gene.

If the underground resistance were to free all of the Bio F.R.E.A.K.S., Mutilator would be one of the last ones let go.

What she can recall of her past is a nightmare, though she fortunately lacks the power to even comprehend a nightmare anymore.

Mutilator was born of a wicked scheme by Micro-Gene to experiment with bioengineering and cybernetic enhancements. The company used her as a guinea pig of sorts to test its new enhancements and to see just how far a brain could go before being lost amidst the wires and cables of a mechanical shell. Almost right from the start, her body was stripped and her brain was placed in a casing of mechanics.

Though Micro-Gene surely believes it to be gone, Mutilator's mind still thinks for itself, pondering her existence -- and hoping to be freed.


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