Mutt and Nod are the supporting antagonists-turned-anti-heroes of The Land Before Time III: The Time of the Great Giving. They are Hyp's friends and henchmen.

They, along with Hyp also returned in the last episode of the Land Before Time TV show, The Great Egg Adventure.

Mutt is voiced by Jeff Bennett, who also voiced Ozzy and Ichy and Nod is voiced by Scott Menville.


At first, Mutt and Nod were bullies as they, along with Hyp, like to bully younger children, especially Littlefoot and his friends. However, they later reform at the end of the third film, as well as the TV show episode, The Great Egg Adventure.

Mutt and Nod, alongside Hyp, are also occasionally shown to be cowardly when all three of them get scared of things such as sharpteeth and nearly getting hurt or killed.

Mutt is also dimwitted and gets slapped around a lot.

Mutt was also shown to cry because he thought that he was in trouble.


Mutt is a dull olive Muttaburrasaurus with a light belly, he also has dark brown eyes.

Nod is a grayish-green Nodosauruswith teal blue eyes.



  • Mutt was the first Land Before Time villain to cry.
  • It is unknown what happened to Mutt's mother since she does not appear in any movies nor the TV show. So, it could be possible that she either died or she had a divorce with Mutt's father.
  • It is unknown what happened to Nod's Parents since they do not appear in any movies nor episodes of the TV show. So, that could possibly mean that they both died.
  • It was revealed that Nod is allergic to pollen as it was shown in the TV show.
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