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We've created the mutton vindaloo beast. Half man, half extra-hot Indian curry!
~ Lister

The Mutton Vindaloo Beast is the main antagonist from Red Dwarf episode D.N.A.. It was originally Lister's mutton vindaloo, but was accidentally turned into the bloodthirsty monster by the DNA modifier.


When the Red Dwarf crew bumps into an abandoned spaceship, they accidentally change Kryten into human by the DNA modifier. Kryten is excited at first, but as he is still an android inside, he decides to turn himself back. The crew doesn't want to risk anything, so they let Holly to turn Lister's mutton vindaloo into a chicken vindaloo as a test. Unfortunately, it becomes a giant monster that desire to kill them. It is immune to bazookoid fire and the crew has to flee.

They later returns to the DNA modifier where Lister asks Holly to turn him into "Man Plus", but ended up turning him into a Man Minus that looks like a Robocop and is much shorter than the others. The Mutton Vindaloo Beast attacks them again and tiny Lister isn't able to run as fast as the rest of the crew. He is cornered and then realizes that the Beast is burned like acid when it touches lager. He throws a can of lager into its mouth and shoots at it, blowing its head off. When the others return, they only find Lister eating mutton vindaloo that lies everywhere on the floor.


  • According to Lister, the event with Mutton Vindaloo Beast takes place exactly "one year to the day" from the incident with the Polymorph, on Easter.


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