... how much longer... KILL IT... how much longer... DANGEROUS... how much longer... KILL IT... how much longer... KILL THE EMPTY ONE... how much longer... must I dig...?
~ Myla's Dream Nail dialogue after becoming infected.
This is hard work, but I don't mind. Down here, I can k-keep working without even sleeping. It's fun!
~ Myla

Myla is a minor antagonist from Hollow Knight. Originally a young and cheerful bug miner, over the course of the game, her memories are slowly drained away by the Infection until she is nothing more than a feral Husk like the rest of the creatures of Hallownest that have been infected by the influences of The Radiance.


Myla is first found in a mining cavern within the Forgotten Crossroads connected to the Crystal Mines mining off ore, singing to herself one of her favorite rhymes. She then encourages the Knight to sing along as well, as it helps her concentrate with digging. After the Knight collects the Vengeful Spirit spell, Myla remembers the second verse of her song, and explains to the Knight how she plans to find valuable crystals and welcomes them to visit again if she comes any further in her search.

While her clumsiness and her tendency to forget intervenes with her work, she remains kind to the Knight. However, this is short-lived, as once the Knight defeats Soul Master and obtains the Desolate Dive spell, Myla stopped mining and humming, bearing orange pupils of infection. She instead stands about and acts rather confused, questioning the lyrics of her song. Her Dream Nail dialogue also changes; instead of hope for crystals, she asks herself how much longer must she dig. In between her multiple phrases, she is influenced to "kill" the empty one, presumably referring to the Knight.

After collecting the Crystal Heart within the Crystal Mines, Myla becomes a regular infected Husk Miner enemy, attacking the Knight the instant they come in sight. The player is given the option to fight back and end her misery, and should they do so, she lets out a dying cry. Unlike other enemies, she will never respawn after death.


  • Myla is one of the four infected bugs who can be interacted with, the others being Sly, Bretta, and the Moss Prophet.
    • Unlike the other three, Myla is the only one who can be met before becoming infected and who later turns hostile; Sly and Bretta snap out of their delusions when interacted with while the Moss Prophet is later killed by further infection.
  • In her Dream Nail dialogue after the death of Soul Master, there appears to be another voice in all capitals encouraging her to kill the Knight. These may be from the Radiance herself.
  • If the Crystal Heart is collected before defeating Soul Master, Myla will immediately become aggressive and attack the Knight regardless if Soul Master has already been slain or not.
  • After becoming infected, Myla's Dream Nail dialogue becomes the rhyme she once sang.
  • In the game's Kickstarter, Myla had a male voice and was referred to as "The Miner".
  • Killing Myla after becoming infected counts to the Husk Miner journal entry.


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