Out of all the dead creatures who haunted humans the Myling is the most tragic.
~ Johan Egerkrans on the Myling..

Myling (also known as Utburd or Myrding) is the tragic spirit of a victim of infanticide. The legends about Mylingar originates from Scandinavian folklore. They're portrayed as ghastly child-spirits who haunts the area where their mother has hid their bodies. Some tales tells of Mylingar wanting revenge on their mothers or killing them. 


Mylingar are paranormal souls of unbaptized children. They're victims of infanticide that are forced to roam Earth until someone can bury them properly or give them a name. The Myling is created when a child is unwanted and gets killed or abandoned by their mother. It is said that the women who killed their children would often bury them under the floor of the house or under stone heaps and in the woods. That's why when people pass by those places they can hear children screams and cries. Mylingar can be heard singing in the dark during night time, revealing the mother's crime. Many tales tells of Mylingar wanting revenge and/or trying to kill their mother by sucking milk from the mother's breast and don't stop until it has sucked out all the blood from the woman's body. Mylingar are mischievous children spirits that likes to play pranks on people. They could transform into animals that humans capture but then transform back into a child and run away laughing.


Mylingar, though tragic, are still menacing and cruel spirits who kills many people. They are said to stalk lonely wanderers who pass by their "graves". Eventually the Myling will jump on the traveler's back and ask to be carried to a graveyard/cemetary and be burried so they can rest and finally get peace. If you refuse the Myling will force you to do as it wish and the Myling won't hop of until you fulfill their wish. But as closer you get to a graveyard, the Myling will grow heavier and heavier. They will grow so heavy that the person carrying it can sink into the soil. If you don't get to the graveyard and bury the Myling in the blessed soil you've failed. The Myling will brutally kill you in a state of rage. Mylingar can also instead of hoping on to people, asking them to give them a name. 

Helping the Myling

According to legends there is two ways to help Mylingar rest in peace. The first and most simple is to give the Myling a name if it asks you to do so. The other and much harder is finding the Myling's corpse and go to a cemetary and bury it in the soil. But if you fail with that the Myling will brutally murder you. If a Myling gets a name or gets buried in the hallowed soil it's saved and won't haunt the Earth no longer.

Notable Mylingar

The Myling in Bergslagen 

There is a famous tale about a Myling in Bergslagen in Sweden. The tale tells of an old crofter that on his way home from the tavern hears a little boy asking him, "Grandpa, grandpa, can I breastfeed?" The crofter initially refuses to allow it, but the boy continues to ask so he eventually gives in and says, "If you have someone to breastfeed you, then do so, but you mustn't breastfeed me." Then the boy runs away and when the crofter comes home he finds his daughter lying dead in the bed, with blood flowing from her breasts. 

The Dancing Myling

Mylingar according to myths could show up at their mother's wedding, just to torment and/or kill the mother. One tale tells about that. It goes like this: When the party was most cheerful and the dance was on a voice was heard under the floor, "Tub is long, the legs are long, I want to dance one more time." And a tall, skinny boy rose up from under the floor, grabbed hold of the bride and danced her to death. Then he disappeared. Earlier the woman had born a child in secret and buried it in a box under the dance floor.




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