Myra Reeves

Myra Reeves

Myra Reeves was a hidden villainess in "Blistering Heat & Brotherly Love", the second season finale of Rosewood.

She was portrayed by Betsy Beutler.

Myra Reeves was introduced as the fiancee of Bengie Tovar, one of the members of a group who robbed a jewelry store and was planning another heist. It was revealed later on that Myra was part of the group, and later in the episode, the evil Myra participated in another heist, which later became a public shootout once Slade's group arrived. During the melee, Myra was shot multiple times in her legs by Slade, and she later bled to death. Her official villainous reveal came when Slade removed her mask, and Hornstock recognized the woman as Myra, as he, Rosewood, and Villa had met her at the scene of Bengie's murder at their apartment.