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Myron is a villainous optional companion in Fallout 2.

He is found in the fictional city of New Reno where he invented a powerful drug named Jet and makes a living by selling the drug to the Mordino's gang of mobsters.

He was voiced by Jason Marsden.


Myron appears as an older adolescent or young adult aged between 16 and 20. He has green eyes, dirty blond hair, freckles, and a mildly disheveled appearance. He wears a white shirt, dark grey pants, and red sneakers.


Myron can be found in the Stables just north of New Reno, in the outskirts of the city. Myron can give the player a quest, where the player asks him about Jet addiction, and must talk to Dr. Troy in Vault City about a possible cure.

Myron, depending on the player's stats, may be a companion. He can follow the player without a hassle, if their stats are relatively normal or have successfully convinced him so. If the player is male and of extremely low intelligence, he will be extremely dismissive. He will also refuse to follow the player if they have brought Marcus, a super mutant, due to his xenophobic bias towards super mutants. However, most notably, if the player is a female with at least one of the following: low intelligence, low endurance, or "Porn Star" trait, Myron will change his tone to a highly sexual tone. Shall one of the traits be low intelligence or low endurance, he will offer the player a spiked drink, and shall she drink it, she will black out and Myron will implicably rape her.

Regardless of if Myron dies ingame, he will canonically die offscreen with the narrator stating that he was stabbed to death by a Jet addict in a bar.


Myron is an extremely intelligent person, given his prodigy-level knowledge of chemistry and drug manufacturing. However, despite his intellect, Myron is shown to be relatively arrogant. Myron is also shown to be quite cowardly, as he is known to run away during combat and miss a lot when attacking. 

Myron's most notorious factors are his perversion and misogyny. He also likes to bother prostitutes in New Reno, and will attempt to exploit any woman for his obsessive sexual desire.


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