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Oh dear. Did you really think you could do this alone? Take down forty super-villains? Talk about delusions of grandeur. But your friends. People who would hesitate. That's a different matter entirely. My name is Mysterio, Master of Illusions. My thanks on behalf of the criminal community.
~ Mysterio to Wolverine.

Mysterio is one of Spider-Man's most recurring and dangerous villains, yet in the alternate-reality of Old Man Logan, the normally tragic third Mysterio Francis Klum would prove to become Wolverine's most devastating opponent and the main reason Wolverine would give up his decades-long fight against oppression and fear, at least until Hulk decided to force Wolverine to fight as he had grown "bored" of peace.

Mysterio in this reality tricked Wolverine into murdering the entire X-Men in a horrific act of villainy that completely broke Wolverine in a manner no other atrocity had done before - Mysterio's act sent Wolverine into a suicidal depression, yet since he could not die the mutant instead allowed himself to be hit by a train and swore to never again use his claws or harm another living being. It is unclear if Wolverine chose to punish Mysterio for his actions or not.


  • Although it is not confirmed in the comic proper, this Mysterio is in fact not the original Quentin Beck but instead the third Mysterio, Francis Klum. In 616, Francis Klum became the third Mysterio after nearly dying from a fall off the George Washington Bridge he blamed Spider-Man for, and prior to that was a reluctant accomplice of his brother's drug operation.
  • The strategy of tricking Wolverine through illusion into killing his loved ones would also be done in 616 by the group known as the Red Right Hand, with them tricking Wolverine into killing children he had conceived over the years with different women.