"no matter, you were a fool to help me - and now you will pay!"
~ -Myzrael

Myzrael is a Titanic Watcher and a princess of the earth from the popular MMORPG, World Of Warcraft, she acts as a boss following a fairly lengthy quest chain in which she tricks the player into aiding her escape her imprisonment undergound, pretending to be a princess - however when summoned her true form is revealed as a corrupted Titanic Watcher, displeased with being summoned early she quickly turns on the player and tries to kill them but is defeated. According to lore Myzrael was once one of the many creations of the godlike Titans and protected Azeroth until she was driven mad by the whisperings of the Old Gods - in order to protect Azeroth from the insane giantess the mountain giants imprisoned her deep underground and she could only communicate with the world via crystals, which is how she contacted the player - feigning helplessness when in reality she is a fairly powerful being.

She soon appears agin in Cataclysm as an NPC in Deepholm, free from the Old Gods' control. If you had beaten her in the questline, she will be glad to see you and thank you for freeing her from her corruption. If you haven't she will mention she was corrupted but is still glad to be free of it.

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