N'ORB is a character that appeared in the Grojband episode "Space Jammin'". She is a pink space orb and a member of The Orb Experience. She is the orb counterpart of Laney Penn.


In "Space Jammin'", N'ORB and the rest of The Orb Experience, spotted Grojband's signal, that they left in the meadows, by driving a lawnmower around. This just so happened to be the signal that one would send to aliens, if they wanted to challenge them to a battle of the bands. N'ORB and the other orbs landed on their planet and exited the U.F.O., as G'ORB told Grojband that they accept their challenge, and that if they lose, they would destroy their world.

Back in the spaceship, the other orbs asked G'ORB what was going through his head, when he was thinking of accepting that challenge. N'ORB's only inquiry was how they would even be able to play musical instruments, if they didn't have any of the "meat limbs" necessary for doing so. G'ORB's answer to that, was to possess the bodies of human beings, which N'ORB happily obliged to, with no questions asked.

The Orb Experience targeted The Newmans as their human bodies, and N'ORB possessed the body of Larry Nepp. By doing so, she stole Larry's free will and his chance to play his song at Sludgefest.

Grojband beat The Orb Experience and N'ORB left Larry's body, along with all the other orbs.

In "Hear Us Rock Part 2", N'ORB returned, along with the rest of The Orb Experience and she launched a giant meteor toward the Earth. She threatened to destroy Grojband's planet, to get revenge on them for shaming them at Sludhefest. This went against her own previously established rules, wherein she would not destroy their world if they won, but she decided to ignore this and go about this evil plan anyway.

N'ORB lost this challenge and at the same time, T'ORB overthrew G'ORB as the leader of the band, meaning that she and Z'ORB would answer to him from then on.


N'ORB is a shiny, floating, pink space orb with a white line inside of her that forms the shape of a smile of frown dependent on her mood. Her line squiggles whenever she talks or "flaxes".


Little is specifically known about N'ORB's personality due to how little she speaks, however she shares certain personality aspects with Laney. As the band's only female member she has a secret crush on G'ORB, but he remains oblivious to this (mirroring the relationship between Corey and Laney).


  • "How we gonna play human instruments without meat limbs?"


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