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The North American Man-Boy Love Association, better known as NAMBLA, is a real-life organization that appears as the main antagonist faction in the South Park episode "Cartman Joins NAMBLA". They were a group of pedophiles who seek for ways to catch little boys. Eric Cartman's attempt to meet more mature friends leads to him encountering several NAMBLA members and becoming the organization's poster child. Once he and the boys discover what NAMBLA is really all about, they flee. The pedophiles are then arrested after mistaking Kenny's dad for a young boy and gang-raping him.

They are all voiced by either Matt Stone or Trey Parker.


The North American Man-Boy Love Association is an organization that promotes sex between grown men and young boys and is working to abolish age of consent laws, and the group exists in real life as well. Cartman, in an effort to separate himself from his friends and seek out mature companionship from grown-ups, agrees unknowingly to become poster boy for the organization, whilst he is being eyed by a number of pedophiles within the group.

The NAMBLA members throw a party and invite the other young boys in town including Butters, Craig Tucker, Clyde Donovan and Timmy. When NAMBLA members do reveal their true intentions the children are chased around by the men attempting to rape them. Although the children managed to escape from their clutches before the harm can be inflicted, Stuart McCormick accidentally walks into the room where the men are and he is confused for one of the boys, and is tragically gang-raped by the men greatly traumatizing him.

They are arrested by the police at the end of the episode.

Villainous Acts

  • Pedophilia - They tried to have sex with male children.
  • Rape/Attempted Rape - They tried to rape boy children and raped Stuart McCormick.



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