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The NESTS is a secret organization that had control over all kinds of criminal activity throughout the world. Their dealings made many corporations around the globe to go bankrupt, and so their members were wanted by all investigation agencies, but no one could find their headquarters, since it was on a satellite hovering around the world. The NESTS had a high-technological arsenal of weapons and machines at their disposal, which allowed them to research on many fields of science, specially on bio-engineering.

To fulfill their plans of world domination, they bought the sponsoring rights of the King of Fighters, using the tournament as a tool. They planed to collect the data from the fighters of the tournament and use it to create bio-engineered super-soldiers capable of defeating all the fighters, then without resistance conquer the world with their army.

Members of NESTS

NESTS main characters (from left to right): Igniz, Nests and Misty

  • Nests000.gif Nests: The founder of the organization, he is betrayed and killed by Igniz, who then takes his place as head of the organization.
  • Igniz.gif Igniz: Was the CEO of NESTS, and thus the mastermind behind the organization and the tournament. He believes himself to be a god.
  • TrueZero.gif Zero (Original): Was the right-hand and most trusted agent of the organization. He is very honorable and loyal to NESTS.
  • ZeroClone.gif Zero (Clone): The clone of Zero, he was to oversee the cloning process of Kyo Kusanagi, but he betrays the organization to achieve his own selfish goals.
  • Krizalid.gif Krizalid: He was a clone of K', and the one carrying the cloning process of Kyo Kusanagi. He is loyal to the organization, but is very cocky.
  • RonII.gif Ron: He was the leader of a clan of mercenaries, but betrayed them in pursuit of power, joining NESTS. However, he only follows them for personal gain.
  • Misty: Was the secretary of the organization, helping Igniz is his mad schemes. With the end of the organization, she joined with Ron.
  • Diana and Foxy: Two top agents of the organization, they supervisioned the Anti-K' project that created Kula Diamond and had the job of hunting down rogue agents. Both leave NESTS after learning of Igniz betrayal.
  • K9999 and Angel: K9999 was created to hunt down all experiments who went out of their control, while Angel was looking on his actions. Both joined to kill Kula, and disappeared after the end of NESTS.




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