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Villain Overview

You're looking for Team Plasma, right? They ran into the amusement park. Come with me. They're not here. Let's ride the Ferris Wheel and see if we can spot them. I love Ferris Wheels. The circular motion... the mechanics... they're like collections of elegant formulas.
~ N
It's over! Never again will Pokémon be made to suffer or be held captive by humans. It's all thanks to my friend, Zekrom/Reshiram! You may have the title of Champion... But you can't stop me with just a title. Your soft heart has left you weak. Years ago, you lost your Pokémon, your partner, to sickness. In order to forget the pain in your heart, you wandered Unova... Who knows how long it's been since you've had to fight with your full strength? I actually kind of like that about you, though. As a Trainer who far outmatches the Champion, I shall issue an order across Unova: Trainers of the world, free your Pokémon!
~ N to Alder.

Natural Harmonia Gropius, better known as N, is the central antagonist in the video games Pokémon Black and Pokémon White. He is the former King of Team Plasma. He also appears in Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2 as one of the supporting protagonists.

In Japanese, he was voiced by Yuichi Nakamura in the anime, Hiroshi Kamiya in Pokémon Animation Special, and Akira Ishida in Pokémon Generations. In English, he was voiced by Nicholas DiMichele in the anime, Tom Wayland in Pokémon Animation Special, Grant George in Pokémon Generations, and Daman Mills in Pokémon Masters.


N is a young man with long light green hair. He's about 1.80 m tall (5'11"), with an average weight. His clothing consists of a black cap with a white highlight, a white long sleeve shirt with a black undershirt, tan pants, and green shoes. N also has a gold and black cube-shaped puzzle connected by a loop to his clothing.



N as child.

According to his backstory, His adoptive father, Ghetsis forced N to care of abused Pokémon, which made him believe that humans were lowly creatures who harmed Pokémon. Once N was old enough, Ghetsis crowned N as the king of Team Plasma. Ghetsis then assisted N in spreading the word about Team Plasma and their plans.

Pokémon Black/Pokémon White

Hilbert/Hilda meets N at Accumula Town, after watching Ghetsis announce Team Plasma's plans. He challenges the player to a Pokémon battle using his Purrloin. After being defeated, N wanders off, but expresses interest in the Pokémon's bond with Hilbert/Hilda.

Hilbert/Hilda encounters N multiple times, mostly when Team Plasma is around, and he will challenge the player to a battle. When the player spots N at Nimbasa City, N invites Hilbert/Hilda to ride the ferries wheel with him. N then reveals to him/her that he's both the leader and king of Team Plasma, and that he simply invited the player on the Ferris wheel to give Team Plasma members time to escape. He battles Hilbert/Hilda, then after losing, flees.

He is next spotted at Dragonspiral Tower, where he is summoning Reshiram/Zekrom with the White/Black Orb. He flies away from the tower with the legendary Pokémon. Hilbert/Hilda finds the opposite orb needed to summon Zekrom/Reshiram at a museum.

After Hilbert/Hilda defeats the Elite Four, they go into the Champion Room, where they find Alder defeated by N. N says to Alder that he can keep his "pitiful title" as Champion, and raises a colossal castle from the ground. He climbs up a staircase to the castle, and Hilbert/Hilda follows.

After getting through the castle, they enter a throne room where N sits at the very end. He walks up to Hilbert/Hilda, and summons Reshiram/Zekrom. Believing the player cannot win without Zekrom/Reshiram, he prepares to attack, when suddenly, the orb Hilbert/Hilda found turns into Zekrom/Reshiram. They then fight N alongside the legendary Pokémon, and utterly defeat him. After reminiscing over their victory, he comes to the conclusion that people and Pokémon can come together, and that they fight to learn about each other. Just as he is about to give up the attack on Unova, Ghetsis walks into the room, and reveals his manipulation of N. Ghetsis calls N weak and pathetic before disowning him. He then challenges Hilbert/Hilda to a battle, but loses, and is arrested. N thanks the player, and flies away on Reshiram/Zekrom through the hole that it created when it came into the room. N, as well as the player, disappear from Unova, with no one knowing where they have gone.

N is a very honorable villain after you beat/capture Zekrom/Reshiram, he heals all of your Pokémon before the battle between you and N begin, and even ask you if you want to hold onto the legendary dragon or place it in the PC.

Pokémon Black 2/Pokémon White 2

N returns in the video games Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2, the sequels to the original Pokémon Black and Pokémon White. He's still the leader of the old Team Plasma, and is one of the supporting protagonists in the game, helping the player defeat Ghetsis and save Kyurem.

Pokémon Masters

N appears as an scoutable sync pair in Pokémon Masters, first revealed on December 20th, 2020 for The Ideal Formula event. A five-star sync pair, he uses a Zekrom that primarily uses the Electric typing. N later received a second sync pair as part of the celebration for the second anniversary of Pokémon Masters, with his second sync pair being a five star, Fire-type Sync pair of Reshiram.

In The Ideal Formula event, N first arrives to Pasio on Zekrom's behalf, with both Cheren and Hilda noticing his arrival. Hilbert, and Cheren, excited to reunite with their long-lost ally, decide to go find him alongside the player and Hilda, with Bianca and Iris eventually finding him in a city studying trainers and their sync pairs. Heading to an arena used for battles, Iris and N talk about the latter's actions in Pokémon Black/Pokémon White before the former challenges the latter to a fight, finding out of Hilbert's presence in Pasio afterwards. As he notes this, the other group of heroes notice a disturbance between a young child and members of Team Break, forcing them into their hideout as captives under the threat of the harm to the boy's sibling, who is being held hostage by the goons.

As N visits a nearby beach the next day, a distressed Bianca and Iris ask N to find the missing player, Hilbert, Hilda, and Cheren, with the children from before giving further reason for N to find them. Eventually reaching their secret base, the other band of heroes storm it, as the leader of the group of Team Break members, who follows N's gospel despite not having been in Team Plasma, suddenly approaches N in awe of meeting with "his majesty" once more.

Despite this and his willingness to free the heroes, he tries to convince N to join Team Break under the cause of aiding the Pokémon of Pasio, which fails as N reminds him of the beauty of Pasio and the connections it allows. The member of Team Break decides to defeat N to prove his worth with his men, something they ultimately fail to do. Following this, N manages to make the member of Team Break realize that his Pokémon wants them to remain peaceful allies, and heads back to the shore as the member departs in a huff. Back at the beach, Hilbert and N affirm their friendship at last, with N also confirming he shall remain on Pasio for a while, not leaving suddenly as he did so long ago to Hilbert.



Pokémon Adventures

In contrast to his good intentions in the game, N is considerably meaner in Pokémon Adventures.

N makes his first appearance standing near an Xtransceiver commercial shooting after Black manages to save it from being attacked by a wild Galvantula. He sheds tears over the fact that Pokémon are being used for purposes such as acting.

He later appears in Accumula Town where he confronts and battles Black. He expresses his disgust with the Pokédex to Black and claims that Trainers lock up his "friends" in Poké Balls just so that it can fill the Pokédex, making them nothing more than a source of information to fill the Pokédex with information. Eventually, Black's Tep manages to defeat his Tympole, and N decides to take his leave after learning that there are Pokémon that enjoy the company of Trainers. After leaving, Black reveals that N isn't really a bad person after his Musha ate his dream and revealed it to him.

Later, at Nimbasa City, N knocks White into one of the Ferris wheel cars and climbs into it. After a brief talk, N forces White's Gigi to fight his Servine. After Gigi wins, N concludes that White had been neglecting Gigi's battle skills. When White tries to escape, she is shocked to see Gigi side with N instead of her and falls hard to ground below. As the two watch from the Rondez-View Ferris wheel, N sends his Servine to White's aid.

Later, N and Gigi arrive at the Dragonspiral Tower. As he stares at the building, N muses over the location where Truth and Ideals meet while Gigi watches him. Later, he successfully awakens Zekrom, but initially has trouble connecting with it and convincing it to join his side. After recruiting Zekrom, he is challenged to a battle by Alder to a two-on-two battle.

Soon after, Black, White, and Iris come to scene after hearing the commotion, where they witness N defeating Alder with Gigi and Zorua. Reacting to N's Zekrom, the Light Stone in Black's possession turns into Reshiram, but quickly reverts, signifying that Black doesn't have full control over it. Having defeated the Pokémon League Champion, N believes that more people will listen Team Plasma's ideal. Before he can leave, N is attacked by a Samurott owned by Cedric Juniper who demands to know where the captured Gym Leaders are.

Together, Black, White, and Cedric defeat Gigi and Zorua. There, it is revealed that N had liberated the set of starter Pokémon that Cedric was going to give to new Trainers a year before, leaving Snivy with N, Tepig in an unknown location, and Oshawott to stay with Cedric. N accuses Professor Juniper as the cause of the suffering of Pokémon with her distributing of starters, but is stopped by Black's Pokémon. Before they can do anything, N manages to use his abilities to get them to back off, confusing Black into needing Musha to clear his head so that he can figure out a plan.

Unfortunately, N reveals that Musha doesn't like the taste of Black's dreams anymore, so he leaves Black, causing him to faint from the shock of losing his partner. N leaves on Zekrom, where he reveals that Zekrom wants to battle Black again, this time with Reshiram fully awakened.

Pocket Monsters BW



  • N is currently one of few antagonists that manage to capture a Legendary Pokémon and use it during a Pokémon Battle, including Greevil using Shadow Lugia against the main hero in Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. The last are Team Rainbow Rocket's Maxie, Archie, Cyrus, Lysandre, Ghetsis, and Giovanni.
  • N, along with Lusamine and Piers, are the only antagonists that actually befriended the video game's main protagonist.
  • N is also the only Pokémon trainer to use different Pokémon instead of using stronger or the evolved form of the Pokémon he previously used, with the exception for his Klink, it fully evolves into a Klinklang.
  • N in the anime series appeared to have some sort of supporting character role in the series, rather than being its main villain since he is seen joining Ash's group and also he never owns any Pokémon but instead befriends some wild Pokémon he helps rescue from Team Plasma who are seen as his former minions. It is even notable that he doesn't own any Pokémon in the series & the ones he "owned" are actually befriended.
  • Unlike how a Pokémon Ranger uses a Capture Styler to make a temporary bond with a wild Pokémon to get its help, N has the ability to connect his heart with theirs in order to do that.
  • N's Trainer ID number is 00002.


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