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Get over here and pick me up, you c*cksuckers!
~ El Gordo's last words.

Ignacio "Nacho El Gordo" Contreras is a supporting antagonist in the video game Scarface: The World Is Yours, although in the film he only had a minor role.

He was portrayed by the late Joe Marmo in the movie and voiced by Miguel Sandoval in the 2006 video game Scarface: The World is Yours.



Nacho is a large drug lord in charge of cocaine distribution in Downtown. In the film, Frank Lopez points him out in the Babylon Club to Tony Montana and says that he's a real "khazer", which is a Yiddish word meaning pig.

Besides being extremely obese, the insulting term refers to Nacho's greed, which means that "he don't fly straight no more". In the movie, he is depicted as the richest man in Miami, Florida.

The World Is Yours

In the game, Nacho controls the drug trafficking in Downtown. Tony Montana starts attacking Nacho's Drug Cartel after the fall of the Diaz Brothers. Nacho doesn't just have involvement in the drugs trade, he's also in control of gambling in the Islands, running a casino in a dirty old Cargo Ship docked at the Black Sands Island, he also had a reputation of raping women and dumping their bodies to the ocean. Nacho notices Tony's presence at the casino and ordered his men to kill him, Tony killed all of Nacho's men. Contreras later is shot and wounded by Tony and is eaten by a shark, as he was trying to swim away to escape Tony.

Sometime after that, Nacho's other ship (The ship's name is "Mothership") which Nacho used to transport drugs around by sea, is hijacked and taken by Tony, which he plans to use for his own drug distribution. It was later discovered that Nacho was illegally trafficking humans, where they later helped Tony to take over Nacho's chop shop in Miami, ending the Contreras Cartel.


  • Nacho's nickname, "El Gordo", translates to "The Fat Man" which is an obvious pun on his appearance.


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