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Your wish is yours to keep.
~ Nadakhan's catchphrase when someone makes a wish.

Nadakhan is the main antagonist of Season 6: Skybound in LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. He is a Djinn pirate who is on a mission to avenge his father and the Djinn race, following the destruction of his home realm Djinjago, due to the Ninja killing the Preeminent and causing Djinjago (Cursed Realm's sister realm) to collapse with this. He is Jay's arch-nemesis.



Nadakhan was an enemy of Captain Soto, who tried to defeat him in a battle at sea. However, Soto used the venom of a Tiger Widow to make sure he doesn't teleport in a "poof", and Soto also managed to lock him inside the Teapot of Tyrahn. After the battle, his love interest Delara died of unknown circumstances.


Many years after the battle, Clouse freed Nadakhan from the the teapot, as Clouse was on a mission to get revenge on the Ninja, but after using all three wishes, gets trapped in the teapot himself. However, when returning to his father's palace in Dinjago through the Realm Crystal, his father informs him that Dinjago is a sister realm of the Cursed Realm (The Preeminent) and is collapsing a little while after the Preeminent is destroyed. Then, Nadakhan offers his father an escape through the Realm Crystal, however, his father, Khanjikhan, says he will not abandon his realm, and he commands Nadakhan to avenge him and their kind. Nadakhan then looks at a picture of his love, Delara, ready to gain Nya. In the final episode, Nadakhan gets hit by Tiger Widow venom by Flintlocke but Nya is also hit by it in the process, causing her to die as a result. This causes Nadakhan's defeat by Jay, as when the latter says to the deceased Nya "I wish you did take my hand... and no one ever found that teapot in the first place". Nadakhan, shocked at how pure and selfess the wish is, then reluctantly say's "Your... wish... is yours to keep." before finally collapsing on the floor from the venom and is defeated. This causes the Ninja to go back in time and Nadakhan's crew to go back to the realms they were imprisoned from. This also causes Nadakhan to go back into the Teapot Of Tyrahn. Afterwards, Clouse tries to find the teapot so that he can unleash Nadakhna again but is spotted by an angry mob who chases after him making it buried under rubble and shipped away on a garbage boat. In the end, Jay and Nya are a couple again. Jay And Nya kiss and hug, and the Ninja celebrate the moment.


Due to Jay's final wish, the events of Skybound never happened and Nadakhan wasn't freed by Clouse, but he is referenced a few times in later seasons.

In Sons of Garmadon, the Police Commisioner off-handedly mentions a "pirate genie" at one point. Even if he knew about Nadakhan's existence, he likely didn't remember meeting him unlike Jay and Nya.

In Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu, the Teapot of Tyhran is seen inside Beo-Hernie's stomach when Zane goes inside it, until the beast spits it out.

In Prime Empire, the teapon ends up in Ninjago City and gets picked up by Clutch Powers, who rubs it and makes it release an orange cloud. Whether Nadakhan was released from the teapot by this action is unknown.

In Master of the Mountain, Lloyd at one point wonders if something involving the Teapot of Tyhran had happened.

In Seabound, the teapot is seen at the Explorers' Club, while in Crystalized, Clutch Powers is seen walking through Ninjago City while holding it.


Although not that evil, he is extremely tragic, angered, manipulative, and vengeful, as he is ready to avenge his father with no remorse, and destroy the ninja, thus taking Nya away from them. However, he is not aligned to any true darkness, and he is not quite villainous, unlike his father, and even a bit polite and tragic. Despite leaving his homeworld, he was shown to be very sad when he saw his homeworld in ruins, and hesitantly took the Soul Blade from his father. He is also shown to be very loyal to his men, and was willing to put a great deal of trust in them.

However, as time passed, the thought of infinite wishes and immeasurable power turned him into a power-hungry tyrant, who eventually betrayed his men once he achieved his goal.



  • Nadakhan was the only main villain introduced at the time not featured in the "Day of the Departed" special. This is because Jay's wish erased his actions from history.
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, Nadakhan remembers the events of Skybound and is probably still mad about them.
  • Ironically, despite spending much of his screentime attempting to marry Nya, Nadakhan never found out that the Ninja of Water was inadvertently responsible for the destruction of Djinjago (by destroying the Cursed Realm in the previous season).
  • He is the first prince in the show.


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