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Let me surround you.
~ Nadalia through her Ashen Idols.

Nadalia, also known as the Bride of Ash, is the posthumous main antagonist of the "Crown of the Old Iron King" DLC for Dark Souls II.


Similarly to the other Children of Dark, Nadalia was born from a fragment of Manus, the Father of the Abyss. Like her sisters, Nadalia ventured to a kingdom to manipulate a king to bring their kingdoms to crumble. She chose the Old Iron King for his lust of power. However, by the time she arrived at his Brume Tower, the king had already left to build his Iron Keep.

Distraught for missing her chance, Nadalia decided to take over the abandoned tower for herself in case the king would come back. Splitting her soul into pieces, she crafted eleven Ashen Idols throughout the tower and gave each of them life. Upon doing this, a black fog surrounded the castle which caused the deceased soldiers of the Iron King to spring back to life, under Nadalia's influences of defending her from trespassers.

One of Nadalia's Ashen Idols.

Throughout Nadalia's rule over the Brume Tower, many soldiers would come, either investigating the mass essence of black magic or tp steal the mass amount of iron. But the Ashen Idols were capable of bewitching some, while the ones under her control to kill those who resisted it. One such resisting knight was Sir Raime, who came to the tower for greater strength after his exile from Drangleic. At the bottom of the tower, Raime encountered Nadalia, who manipulated him into becoming her champion for a new purpose. Despite having the power to expunge her, Raime agreed and was offered the last shard of her soul, twisting him with the dark to become the Fume Knight.

When the Bearer of the Curse arrives at the Brume Tower, Nadalia's Ashen Idols stand in their way; some emit blasts of fires while others can curse the player or heal nearby enemies. Only by using Smelter Wedges can the player break through the idols' shells and expose the fragment of Nadalia's soul. At the bottom of the tower, after the player battles and defeats the Fume Knight, Nadalia's true body is exposed, having decayed from her missing soul and clutching the Crown of the Old Iron King on her ash-covered throne. Once all Ashen Idols are destroyed and the whole soul is formed, Nadalia's magic fades from Brume Tower.


  • Nadalia is the only Child of Dark to be deceased by the time she is encountered by the player.
  • If the player enters New Game Plus without collecting all fragments of Nadalia's soul, they will disperse and must be collected again.
  • Once all fragments of Nadalia's soul has been obtained, it can be consumed for 30,000 souls, traded with Weaponsmith Ornifex to obtain the Chime of Screams, or traded with Straid of Olaphis to obtain the Outcry pyromancy.


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