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Naga is the main antagonist of Bakugan Battle Brawlers. He is the creator and leader of the Doom Beings as well as Wavern's twin brother and Drago’s first arch-enemy.

He was voiced by Hideyuki Umezu in Japanese and John Stocker in English.


Naga is a skeletal, split-nosed wyvern and dragon-like Bakugan with tattered wings.



Naga and his twin sister Wavern were born during the Great Revolution (the conflict between Drago's ancestor Genesis Dragonoid and Dharaks ancestor Dharaknoid), as they became trapped in the empty space between dimensions and were outcasts due were not aligned with any of the six regions of Vestroia, so they were known as the White Ones. Over the years, Naga grew bitter and cold due to being treated like an outcast for so long.

Bakugan Battle Brawlers

Naga and Wavern meet Drago when he was able to get across from his Pyrus Space, Drago greets them both, but Naga only cared about himself and was angry for being born powerless. He tried to go to the center of Vestroia to get the power of both cores, despite Drago's warning, but failed and accidentally created the shockwave that caused a strange phenomenon on Earth where cards fall from the sky and the Bakugan transporting themselves to the human world. After Dr. Michael went to Vestroia by accident, they met each other for the first time. Michael explained to him about the Dimensional Transporter, unaware about his true motives. At last, Naga expelled Michael back to Earth and used a Dimensional Transporter Card he got from him to succesfully enter the center of Vestroia.

After transporting himself to the center, Naga attempted to capture the powers of the Silent Core and Infinity Core, sources of negative and positive energy respectively of Vestroia, by going to them directly and absorbing them to fulfill what he believed to be his destiny. He failed, however, and was unable to control the power of the Silent Core, only being able to absorb the Silent Core after it trapped him inside; after that, catastrophic energy surge was caused due to the huge amount of negative energy was released and the Infinity Core became bonded to his twin sister, Wavern, who was sucked into a portal to the human world.

This disaster caused the negative energy to spill all over Vestroia and the Earth, including the Bakugan on Earth, and he created Hal-G and Masquerade from the unsuspecting Dr. Michael and Alice, who were exposed to excessive negative energy when Naga absorbed the Silent Core. Naga used them both to hunt for the Infinity Core from Wavern and also supplied them powerful abilities like Doom Cards to send fallen Bakugan to the Doom Dimension.

Near the end Naga fought with Wavern until Drago destroyed her, on her request and sent her back to Vestroia as Naga said. Ultimate Dragonoid then took the Infinity Core and became Infinity Dragonoid fighting Naga to the very end. In the final battle against Dragon Naga he attempted to absorb the energy Drago was attacking him with. However, when Dan used a powerful fusion ability to combine the energy with all his allies, it became too great for Naga. While being overloaded his body begins to fracture and was eventually destroyed. The Silent Core was then collected by Drago. Naga was sent to the Doom Dimension for his failures.



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