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So that's why you're all so strong. Well, it's too late for me. I've walked down the path of evil for much too long now.
~ Naga's last words before committing suicide.

Naga is an antagonist in Monster Hunter. The fourth of Moo's Big Bad Four, he has the appearance of a purple humanoid serpent, with two clawed arms and a snakelike tail instead of legs.


Naga invaded Holly and Suezo's village, killing all the inhabitants except Holly and Suezo.

Naga was the fourth of the Big Bad Four to fight the Searchers. After many attempts to kill them failed, the Searchers invaded Naga's castle. Everyone except Genki, Holly, Mocchi, and Suezo was held off by Naga's followers, and the above mentioned four reached Naga's room and fought him. Suezo was able to get a few shots in, but he gained the advantage, overpowering Mocchi's Mocchi Cannon. He then threatened Holly, who held her dagger out to him.

Naga revealed to Holly that Moo (who was merged with her father) ordered the attack on her village. As he was about to kill her, Mocchi hit him with a Mocchi Cannon, smashing him through the wall and leaving him hanging onto the edge of the castle. Though Holly, Genki, Mocchi, and (after much reluctance) Suezo attempted to save him, instead he let go and fell to his death.

He came back to life as a mystery disk after Moo was killed, and in Season 3, he was resurrected as a purified monster and fought on Mocchi's team in the tournament, defeating Gali.

Powers and Abilities

Being one of Big Bad Four, Naga is a powerful advesary that Searchers ever faced aside Moo, Durahan, and other Big Bad Four. He excels in both long range and short range combat as he mastered various fighting skills and abilities typical to his kind: Naga can perform Eye Beam (firing focused energy beam from his eyes) and Mystic Shot (conjuring a ball of energy which firepower comparable with Mocchi Cannon. Being a seasoned warrior, Naga possesses strong physique as he can endure his enemies' attacks and had great reflexes, as he able to pinpointed where Suezo teleported to by studying his attack pattern.