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Nagi Ando is a main character and antagonist of the movie Sadako 3D 2, replacing Sadako in that role. Nagi is a demonic child claimed to be Sadako's heir and daughter.

She is portrayed by Japanese child actress Kokoro Hirasawa.



Nagi was born from Akane in Asakawa General Hospital. After her birth, she attacks and kills the nurse as well as several other people in hospital and renders Akane in comatose state. Takanori blames Nagi for Akane's condition, and brings her to his younger sister, Fuko. He distances himself from Fuko, and Nagi and begins to work as a security guard at Asakawa Hospital as well as Akane's caretaker.

Killing Spree

Fuko cares for Nagi and enrolls her in Yuki kindergarten, but she sensed there is something very wrong with Nagi due to her distancing herself from humans, liking to draw strange imagery, and being always present near people who died. Worse, Yuna, one of bullies who teased her about her mother's death was found dead in the nearby river. More deaths start to occur, from Nagi's babysitter to a train full of people, which Nagi had foreshadowed in her drawings she drew during her psychological test with Dr. Kamimura. She also says that Dr. Kamimura, as well as everyone else, will die, hinting that Nagi caused those deaths.

Nagi's actions attracted the autority's attention where Detective Mitsugi Kakiuchi is assigned to investigate the case. He questions Detective Yugo Koiso, who is disabled following his own investigations of a similar case five years before. Koiso tells Kakiuchi that the suicides are linked to Sadako Yamamura, who almost possessed Akane as her vessel so she might be reborn in the world. Seconds later, a force sent by Nagi pushes Koiso's wheelchair through a set of stairs to his death. Kakiuchi finds the security camera recording before the train accident and spots Nagi looking at the camera before the recordings become distorted, further hinting that Nagi has masterminded the accident. He tries to question Takanori about Nagi and Akane, but he refuses to disclose anything other than Akane's death. As he hurries up ahead, he accidentally drops his trash bags, revealing bundles of black hair. While Fuko is cleaning Takanori's room, she finds a locked up wardrobe that contains a photo of Takanori, Akane, and baby Nagi, as well as several letters for Takanori from Seiji Kashiwada asking about Nagi's well-being.

Relation to Sadako

Fuko later visit Kashiwada when he was waiting for his execution for his murder of young women five years before. The man described himself as Nagi's "fan", claiming that Nagi is Sadako's child: knowing that Sadako tried to reincarnate herself, Akane allowed the onryo to possess her so she can fight her from the inside. Eventually, Akane became pregnant and delivered Nagi, but she can never reunite with her mother again lest Sadako will be reborn. Takanori also reveals that Nagi is not actual perperator for the deaths.

The next day, Fuko discovers Nagi is missing, while Takanori finds her roaming in the Asakawa Hospital. He is attacked and brutally beaten by Kakiuchi, who wants to kill Nagi and Akane to stop the curse, revealing that his wife (the woman killed in the beginning) had died from the curse and he himself is also cursed. Nagi escapes and reunites with Fuko, who allows Nagi to reunite with her mother. However, Akane is shot before she could reach Nagi by Kakiuchi, who promptly commits suicide. As the whole room is flooded by blood pouring from Sadako's well, Nagi is taken by Sadako, but Fuko manages to save her.

While protagonists believed that Sadako may be the true perperator for the deaths, Nagi is still held responsible for later killings, and it's revealed that Nagi is not Sadako's biological child.


  1. Unnamed nurse
  2. Unnamed man
  3. Kakiuchi's wife
  4. Yuna
  5. Unnamed woman
  6. Igarashi
  7. Yugo Koizo
  8. Train full of people
  9. Fumika Kamimura
  10. A group of nurses
  11. Akane Ayukawa
  12. Mitsugi Kakiuchi


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