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That was a very brave thing to do. And totally unnecessary.
~ Nagi Hassan

Nagi Hassan is the main antagonist in the 1996 film Executive Decision.

He is portrayed by David Suchet, who is best known for portraying Hercule Poirot in Agatha Christie's Poirot and the 2006 video game adaptation of Murder on the Orient Express


Hassan is an ally of El Sayed Jaffa, the world's most feared terrorist who was recently captured. As Oceanic Airlines Flight 343 is leaving Europe on route to the United States, Hassan and a group of terrorists hijack the plane with ease with the intention of forcing the U.S. President to release Jaffa. Among the hostages on board is the top stewardess Jean, whom Hassan allows to carry out her jobs on the condition that she doesn't get in the terrorists' way.

A Naval Academy graduate named Dr. David Grant and Lieutenant Colonel Austin Travis hear the demands for the release of Jaffa and concoct a plan to secretly board the plane and stop Hassan. Grant, Travis and his team, including Carlos 'Rat' Lopez, successfully reach the aircraft but Travis sacrifices himself in order to allow the others to get on board. Later, when Jaffa is released from prison, it is revealed that Hassan's true plan is to destroy the Eastern Seaboard with a Soviet poison gas bomb known as DZ-5. While contacting Washington, Hassan calls a man named Mavros, a U.S. Senator, to the cockpit to speak to the President. He is unaware that the President is out of the country at this time which results in Hassan killing him, while Grant enters the cabin to search for a sleeper amongst the passengers, who is holding the detonator. He eventually locates the sleeper, Jean-Paul Demou, and in the resulting chaos, the cabin is depressurized before Grant manages to prevent the sleeper from detonating the bomb. With nowhere to run, Hassan wounds Rat before killing the pilots in desperation, planning to detonate the bomb on impact with the ground. However, as Hassan is about to gloat at Grant, Rat guns him down and kills him.


At first, Hassan appears as a calm and wise man. He is also very polite, as he tells the people on the plane to calm down and allowing Jean to give beverages to the passengers as long as she doesn't foil the terrorists's plan. Unfortunately, this is just a facade to his true nature. He is, in fact, a extremely fanatical and ruthless person who is willing to kill millions of people to serve his own twisted vision of Islam. He has no true care to his men, beating and killing his second-in-command when he rightfully calls out his plan. He harbors a deep hatred toward the American people, deeming them as infidels. Even if he claims to serve the Islamic religion, this is only delusion of his part, as his plan has nothing to do at all with Islam.

Although he is the right-hand of Jaffa, the true leader of the terrorist group to which Hassan belongs, he puts his cause above his loyalty to him. It is even strongly implied that he sold Jaffa to Americans to give himself an excuse to put his horrific plan into motion.


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