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The Nahual, also known as La Nahuala in their disguised/possessed form, is a powerful and evil entity and the titular main antagonist of the Mexican animated film made by Animex Producciones La Leyenda de la Nahuala. Years ago it took over the body of a cook woman, to carry out the planned sacrifice of 3 pure young souls, so could reign in the world of mortals and become unstoppable in Puebla.

She is voiced by Ofelia Medina.


When La Nahuala concludes its rite it will have eternal life; the dead will be their slaves and the living will be their food. It is the cycle of La Nahuala, it feeds on souls, it removes the shell and swallows them. Every soul that stalks is its slave.
~ Xochitl talking about La Nahuala.

Nahuala was very ruthless. She had no care for anyone but herself, she had no qualms with using people as slaves and murdering even children. She shown absolutely no remorse for her vile actions such as murders of Xóchitl and Teodora Villavicencio, with her only real regret being not killing Toñita San Juan once and for all. Nahuala is a master manipulator, as she was able to manipulate Santos Machorro into being the primary worker, doing much of the dirty work while she rested in the manor. Nahuala attempted to turn Leo against his brother, but his kind heart stalwart and he refused to turn his back on Nando.


Xochitl made a fire figure that describes the inhuman nature of Nahuala.

Similarly, it is seen as a type of canine without skin on the body with a redhead and hairy on the back. Have two extensions that look like snake tails. And purple eyes. In his pointy ears he uses gold-pierced hoops, occupying some bracelets of the same material. Around the neck they decorate a pile of orange artificial feathers with yellow, and others more from behind, but these are authentic (this would be known as the animal form of Nahuala).

Its humanoid appearance has the aspect related to a jaguar with orange skin and slim body. Having a bright red eyes. Claws with elongated fingers. He has the same feathers, gold bracelets and rings as in his previous form. In his clothing, although now she walks with a few tattered skirts without her feet showing.

By having Mrs. Machorro's body, and in the decades that are passing her, its physical aspect indicates traces of old age. Its hair is in a ragged and disordered state. Clothing is deteriorated, putting on a rosy brown tone poncho and a transparent violet veil. Use as accessories, a golden bracelets, pendants and the Miquiztli Medallion.


The Miquiztli Medallion


Not much is known about her origins since it is never clear how she became a witch, except for one thing, according to Nando's words, she lived 500 years ago in the pre-hispanic era thanks to the fact that she prolonged her life with the black magic. According to what she had mentioned in her ritual, it is likely that she was part of a clan of sorcerers who practiced nahualism and worshiped the goddess Meztli.

Going to the post-conquest spain period, after the settlement of Puebla, La Nahuala had discovered the city that was established in the limits of indigenous territory, acquiring a magical amulet that is known by the name of Miquiztli Medallion: that served to absorb the souls of the living. Making use of the medallion, she would have killed / devoured the inhabitants of the city to make them her servants, and her next step would be to sacrifice three innocent children with which she would become unbeatable.

La Leyenda de la Nahuala

Manor Tragedy

A long time ago, in the mansion called The Old Manor, an evil being of darkness took the body of a kind, innocent cook woman, who was a mother of little Santos Machorro and that was when unleashed chaos inside the property, cursing wing family Villavicencio in the Night of the Dead (Noche de Los Muertos), so knowing that within the home waited wing now renamed The Nahuala, being by sacrificing innocent souls to 3 with the Medallion of Miquiztli. At that moment, Toñita San Juan managed to escape alive from the mansion, unfortunately leaving Xóchitl Ahuactzin and Teodora Villavicencio as wandering spirits.

La Nahuala taking Toñita by the neck to sacrifice her in her ritual.

Outside the priest Friar Godofredo and Aztec sorcerers, they fought the monster with the crucifix and the skull of Tezcatlipoca, limiting their powers with the mirror that reflects it. Thus, his only exit was to unite with the property, seizing it until the coming "new fire". consequently, they sealed the place with planks and red marks, forbidding the passage so that no one would suffer the same fate of being murdered. Next to a heartbroken sobbing Machorro for his lost mother, so the place would be cursed for life until this day.

In representation of this macabre event, they named the crossing that leads to the mansion as the "Calle de la Nahuala", because it is there where it appears to collect the lives of residents in Puebla.

New Fire

The Nahuala killed a lot of people, but it was stopped, since then, their spirit and that of all those who killed, are there locked up. The legend says that if the night catches you near the old house, the spirit of Nahuala will catch you.
~ Nando telling the history to his brother's Leo to scare him.

Fifty-two years later the story was told as soon as the generations passed, but Toñita San Juan and Friar Godofredo had preferred not to give clues to the subject, forgetting everything that happened in that enchanted place, while many alleged to see things out of the ordinary. Nando in nowadays tells his brother Leo, stories referring to Nahuala to scare him, even make him believe that he becomes the well-known "old woman" who attends the Convent Temple of San Francisco, waiting to capture him.

When Leo San Juan was sent to deliver a custom sweets and candies, he was surprised by his prankster brother, Nando, continuing scaring with the legends of the Nahuala, deciding to delve into the entrance of "The Old Manor" to be finally kidnapped by the gigantic witch's hand. Frightened by the scene he saw, he went to the bakery without saying anything to his grandmother and nanny. Instead, he preferred to go sneakily to tell Friar Godofredo the facts if there is a way to rescue Nando. The priest told Leo about the arrival of the witch to the manor, confessing that her grandmother was one of the victims she would require for the ritual, escaping from there alive. This he had told the boy, because he had faced the Nahuala with the help of three indigenous warlocks. Leo decided bravely to enter through a small door, access not rest until to save his beloved brother. Behind of the trail of Leo, Godofredo had been kidnapped by Santos whose aim was to avenge the disappearance of his mother after the events of 1755, so he had captive sure not to interfere in their plans.

The Rite Must Continue

Down the hall, he meets Xochitl, who tells him about the machinations of La Nahuala and his desire to want absolute power. Reaching the kitchen holding hands, a shadow of Nahuala herself watched them, causing sharps to attack them, and lava emerged from the pot. Luckily Xochitl saved Leo from leaving the door unharmed before the shadow grabbed him.

After moments of misfortune with guests of the mansion, The Nahuala summons the spirits of Xóchitl and Teodora to complete the rite, taking them to the upper floor of the manor. Before leaving Xóchitl, she tells Leo that he is the only one who can stop this horror, so the boy followed her into a hall full of mirrors. Finally, encounters face to face with La Nahuala and this tries to convince him to abandon hopes of rescuing Nando, but Leo was not intimidated by the threats of the ruthless witch. Unexpectedly Nahuala would attack the boy between the mirrors in which was reflected, opening a secret entrance that takes him to a library, meeting Alebrije and Don Andrés who confuse him with Nahuala at first. Passing the three difficult tests, Leo proved not to be the evil witch, so Alebrije revealed to him through his eyes that destroy the medallion with the "creature of evil" and thus defeat La Nahuala.

Leo falling into a secret passage in which would lead to the last upper floor of the mansion, which surprisingly was captured by the Nahuala and would have prepared for the ritual.

Toñita sees that his two grandchildren do not return home for hours, and with the active Popocatepetl volcano, he got the impression that captives by the wicked witch, and those signs indicated that that same day is "new fire" again. The Grandma and Dionisia they came to rescue the brother's San Juan, entering by the force on the manor, but was also knocked out by Santos wing mercy of Nahuala.

The full moon reflecting its light the main hall, the Nahuala is prepared to conclude his ritual, luckily the air balloon Friar Godofredo completely blocks the light caused by the moon, in the interference "The Priest" faces Santos a tough battle after the two fall dying by the rays of the Nahuala and being to be betrayed Santos, telling him all these years was not the spirit of his mother, but he had taken his way to learn that the son of this woman was full of resentment, using as its accomplice and complete the mission to bring an important member of the San Juan. Recovering from the hard confrontation kept surrendering to anything, it Nando distracts wing beast with the "Miquiztli Medallion" and throws wings hands of Leo which makes use of this with the mysterious amulet named "Skull of Tezcatlipoca", given by Godofredo, combining their powers reverses the Nahuala's curse and turning it into stone, releasing all souls tormented by it.

Being able to end the witch's curse, Friar Godofredo at last, can rest in peace knowing that Leo saved the city from a terrible fate. A few moments later, covered with a sheet, the two sugar skulls frighten Nando making him believe that La Nahuala would return for revenge, in a joke mode.

Nahuala in la llorona intro.png

La Leyenda de la Llorona

La Nahuala has no physical appearance but is present in a recapitulation of the film's opening theme, in which Leo San Juan enters the Old Manor to save Nando and foil their plans.

The Father Tello had learned that Leo with the support of his friends were able to defeat La Nahuala and restore peace to Puebla. Send a letter to Friar Godofredo, so his team, after finishing reading it for him, stated that freeing Xochimilco from La Llorona would not be so easy.

La Leyenda de Las Momias de Guanajuato

La Nahuala in Tzulik's analepsis.

She is mentioned again when the ghost-hunting team tells Luis about being the ones who defeated her. Going to the Guanajuato market, Luis names La Nahuala and tells Leo that it is not so surprising to have fought with her with La Llorona; for being women.

To reveal the person responsible for the resurgence of the mummies, the heroes go to the shaman Tzulik who has a vision where La Nahuala appears.

Other Media

Nahuala theathre 2015.png

La Leyenda de la Nahuala - Theatre 2015

In this theatrical adaptation La Nahuala acts as the main antagonist as well as in its film version, the only change to differ; is that, her animal form is more similar to that of a black wolf; and in the theathre finale along with other legends, describing her, a Nahuala who lives in a "old manor" from 1807 and who sucks the souls of the children who pass through her alley.

La Leyenda del Chupacabras

Nahuala in el chupacabras.png

In this film nobody is referring to she but is present in the opening song, seeing stalking "The Old Manor".

La Leyenda del Charro Negro

She is only named by Leo when he tells El Charro Negro that he was able to defeat her, in an attempt to convince him that he is not a simple child and make a deal with him to save Beatriz's soul.

One of the objects scattered in the "Black Fair" by El Charro, was nothing more than the Miquiztli Medallion (possession that was in the hands by Nahuala in the first movie), guarded by a Caterpillar Woman.



  • Creature of Evil
  • Santos Machorro - minion (until to reveal the deception), victim
  • Villavicencio Family - possesed minions, victims
  • Feathered snakes
  • Soup monsters


  • Miss Machorro - victim
  • Friar Godofredo - archenemy, victim
  • Aztec shamans
  • Toñita San Juan - archenemy, attemped victim
  • Xochitl Ahuactzin - victim
  • Teodora Villavicencio - victim
  • Leo San Juan - archenemy, attemped victim
  • Nando San Juan
  • Chichi and Gaznate - victims
  • Puebla town's people - some killed by her


Innocent souls of the past, come to me!
~ La Nahuala
Boy, are you sure you want to rescue this... trash? The door is open, you can leave here screaming like a small child, and get rid of your unbearable brother... forever.
~ La Nahuala convincing Leo that he has no chance of overcoming it, offering to leave him safe and sound
Good news, my dear children. Very soon your soul will give me absolute power and eternal life (wicked laugh) and to you, I do not need to kill you to finish my ritual, no, no, no, not you, I'm going to kill you because I fell too bad.
~ La Nahuala witnessing his moment of triumph and referring to Nando who is approaching his time to die.
Nahuala: Well, well, the time has come.
Nando: Leave my brother alone, damned witch.
Nahuala: After you both humiliated and mistreated him, now it turns out you want it, do not you? (laugh) Then dismiss him and once also your grandmother.
~ Nahuala mocking of Nando family's love and telling the consequences he is about to contemplate.
Oh moon Meztli. Ancient nahuales. Altogether with the "copal", amongst water and fire. Altogether with the "copal", amongst soil and wind. Lofter you this three souls and what..? (momentarily interrupted by Friar Godofredo) Millenary moon. Miquixtli. Take this innocent souls and give me the power: Xochitl, Teodora, and Leo.
~ Nahuala reciting her incantation.
Nahuala: I'm not your mother, stupid. Fifty-two years ago, I took her body to carry out my plan. And now you're uselless to me... as well this body.
Santos: You deceived me, you deceived me all this time!
Nahuala: I won't lose my time with you, scum-bag. Now... to my business.
~ Nahuala revealing in not being the mother of Santos Machorro and telling him that he has been using him as a peon to working him in his servitude, before returning to his humanoid appearance.





  • It is not entirely clear what legend of La Nahuala would be based on unlike the others, because there have been many stories and testimonies about the appearance of Nahuales in towns including Puebla city. 
  • Along with El Charro Negro, they are the only main antagonists who show no goodness in them, being the most evil and dangerous until their defeat.
  • In the production house of Animex, they are usually called "Nahuala Producciones" in honor of the success of the movie in which debuted this antagonist.


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