Najara was a female antagonist from Xena: Warrior Princess who was under the delusion she was fighting for "The Light" when in reality, she was just a stone cold killer.

Najara was portrayed by Kathryn Morris.


Najara was first introduced as a mysterious warrior, who seemed to be following the Way of Light. She was on the brink of killing Gabrielle, before suddenly stopping and lowering her sword. She said that she was visited by the Djinn, who told her that she was an ally, not an enemy. She says that the Djinn have guided her through life ever since she was a child, although she knows nothing about them.

She had hopes of opening a hospice and Gabrielle fancied the idea. The two planned to open one and Najara, without Gabrielle knowing, convinces Xena to let Gabrielle stay with her by saying that it would prevent her visions of death from coming true.

Xena and Gabrielle part ways and Najara initiates Gabrielle into the Way of Light. After Xena confronts a warlord, who mistakes her for Najara, she learns that she gives her foes three days to turn to the light and if they don't do so then she brings it upon herself to execute them.

Xena finds Gabrielle and comes up with a plan to bring Najara down. They do so and she is handed over to the local authorities. She then tells Xena that it is Xena's job to hurt Gabrielle - Not hers.

When Najara returns, she had escaped from prison and claims that she too had meet Eli, as well as is now on the Way of Love. Again she is able to fool Gabrielle, but not Xena. Xena is right to trust her gut instinct, as Najara was lying about following the Way of Love. Later, she and Xena fight. Xena wins and Najara ends up in a coma.

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