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I refuse.
~ Nakime rejects Doma's proposal.

Nakime is a minor antagonist in the manga and anime Kimetsu no Yaiba. She became the new Upper Rank Four of the Twelve Kizuki after the demise of Hantengu and serves under Muzan Kibutsuji. She serves as a supporting antagonist in the Infinity Castle Arc.


Nakime has pale white skin, but she wears red lipstick as a contrast. Her nails are long, sharp and purple. She wears a plain black kimono. Her black long hair is cut in bangs, that cover her face. Later on, she brushes her hair aside to reveal she only possesses a single big eye, which has her rank engraved in it.


Nakime is stoic and calm, but actually cruel and ruthless. While she rarely speaks, she speaks very dull and straightforward when she does. Like all the other demons, She is extremely loyal to Muzan. She can gain access to the Blood Demon Art, an incredibly powerful ability, and she can use it whenever she wants to. She has complete control over the layout of the Infinity Fortress and is able to relocate everyone and everything in it to wherever she pleases.



Nakime was an obscure amateur biwa musician struggling to earn her living. But the man she married to was hopelessly addicted to gambling who squandered her earnings and savings while contributing nothing to improve their lives.

During the night, she was scheduled to go to play her biwa at a particular stage, but she discovered that her husband stole her performing dress and wasted on the gamble. Enraged, Nakime murdered her husband using a hammer. Shortly after she killed her husband, Nakime realized that the appointed time to play was fast approaching, and she was forced wore to wear a worn-out, ragged dress as she left to her stage in a haste. However, the crowd did not appreciate her shabby looks, and with the traumatic sensation of committing the murder for the first time still fresh in her mind, her hands shook in nervousness as she played her biwa.

But surprisingly, the sound coming from biwa as Nakime played with utmost tension, was so beautiful that her audience cheered her performance and shouted for encore. Both her customers and the stage owner(or manager) were pleased with the unexpected outcome and Nakime earned very handsome earning. Since then, Nakime developed a disturbing habit of killing people every time prior to playing her biwa before large audiences. Strangely every time she played her biwa in the aftermath of committing murders, her performance received extraordinarily positive feedbacks from customers and stage managers.

During a fateful day, as she had the routine appointment to perform at another stage, she stalked her victim to kill him. That victim was none other than Muzan Kibutsuji. But Muzan was a demon, and Nakime found out the hard way as he effortlessly busted her. But Muzan was impressed with Nakime's searching skills, so he spared her life and offered her to become a demon. Nakime accepted his offer, became a demon and ultimately became one of Muzan's servants.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

She summons the Lower Moons to the Infinity Fortress. Not long after being summoned, the remaining Lower Moons are purged by Muzan after he deems them as weak and useless. She stays silent while Muzan kills all of them. Later, she also summons the Upper Moons for a meeting. They ask her where Kokushibou is hiding and she quickly replies that he was there. She remains silent for the rest of the meeting and sends everyone back once it's over, despite Douma still wanting to ask her something.

After Muzan gave her the new title of Upper Moon Four and gave her more of his blood, she used her new powers to create eyeball-spiders through which she can see. Using this, she locates Kaguya Ubayashiki, whom Muzan wants to kill. When the Demon Slayer Corps attacks Muzan, Nakime transports all of them to the Fortress and separated them. She keeps playing her Biwa, manipulates the environment, keeps isolating Demon Slayer Corps from one another, and/or sends them directly to other Upper Moon Demons or to their own demise. While two Demon Slayer Corps members (Mitsuri Kanroji and Iguro Obanai) eventually reach Nakime and try to kill her, she is able to calmly keep them at bay, by constantly manipulating structures of the fortress to fortify herself. While extremely ferocious and desperate against the battles with all the other Upper Demon Moons that cost several Demon Slayer Corps members that their lives raged on other sections of the fortress, Nakime's battle against Mitsuri and Obanai was quite comical. Ultimately, she was the last Demon Moon remaning after all others were defeated. While her Blood Demon Art is not lethal or destructive per se, her ability to manipulate Infinity Fortress' structures is formidable enough to tie down the two Demon Slayers, preventing them from reinforcing other fellow Demon Slayer Corps members.


While she is focused on keeping the two of them at the bay, Nakime doesn't notice Yushiro's presence. Yushiro sneaks up and his powers to manipulate Nakime's sight. This sends false information to Muzan, fooling him into thinking that Mitsuri and Obanai are dealt with by Nakime. But Muzan realizes that was not the case upon seeing Obanai and Mitsuri in his room. Infuriated, he asks Nakime what happened, only to be answered by the vengeful Yushiro. Yushiro announces his intention to avenge his fallen mistress by casting Muzan onto earth. Muzan at first attempts to mentally break Yushiro in a bid to reclaim Nakime, but is interfered by Tanjiro, Giyu, Mitsuri and Obanai. Resorting to giving up on her, Muzan coerces Yushiro into committing suicide. Nakime's death causes the Infinity Fortress to collapse.

Powers and Abilities

Nakime has the ability to warp her surroundings to her every whim using the Infinity Castle, such as generating portals to transport people, granting her immense mobility. However, she performs poorly in actual combat, and thus she must rely on these portal and environment manipulation abilities when attacking or defending, such as crushing her enemies between the structures of the Infinity Castle.


  • Nakime is one of the few Demons to have a single eye. Because of this, she is the only Upper Rank of the Twelve Kizuki who has only one eye that has their rank number in the pupil, a trait that the Lower Ranks have.
  • Nakime was favoured highly by Muzan, due to her ability being very convenient.


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