Namakerda is one of the generals of Phantom Empire, and a loyal servant of Queen Mirage. He ends his sentences with "~desu zo".


His form is based on a grasshopper, evident with his overall green color scheme and antennae on his head. He dresses very orderly and has light green hair and small yellow eyes. He is shown carrying a cane with him.


He is very quiet and polite when speaking to others and enjoys gloomy atmospheres. He never seems to shout or act un-gentlemanly, and even as he talks down to people his words sound kindly. He also appears to be a bit lazy, always leaving the fighting to the Choiarks or the Saiark he summoned.


First Attack

While Queen Mirage is shown with her army, as they cheer for their win, Namakerda is seen guiding a Saiark, as Cure Princess fights, however Cure Princess quickly gets defeated, and de-transforms, as about to get hit by the Saiark, Cure Fortune appears as she fights the Saiark, and easily wounds it, finishing the Saiark with her attack, Stardust Shoot. Later, Namakerda leaves, as Cure Fortune does the same thing, but before she scolds Cure Princess for doing a terrible job.

Later, Namakerda summons another Saiark from Seiji's sister, while Hime, and Megumi have met each other. After both girls find a Saiark, Hime transforms onto Cure Princess revealing her Pretty Cure form to Megumi, as both fight, Cure Princess still weak gets defeated quickly, and again about to get hit, Megumi arrives trying to protect her, as soon she regains, and feels the power of a Pretty Cure as the crystal which Blue gave to Hime to find her Pretty Cure partner, shines, and transforms into PreCards, and PreChanMirror. With this power, Megumi transforms onto Cure Lovely, and yet tries to battle the Saiark, even though Lovely has no idea how to.


Like the other commanders, he can trap people into a mirror and create Saiarks. He holds a cane but it is unknown if he use it for fighting.


  • Namakeruda is similar to Girinma from Yes! Pretty Cure 5, as being insects.
  • Namakeruda may be a shout out to some of the generals in Yes! Pretty Cure 5 and Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! who are based on different insects.
  • He is the third villain to wear a top hat, preceding Bloody and Leva.
  • He is also the second villain who utilizes a cane, preceded by Girinma.
  • He is also the villain who being lazy preceded by Pell and Gamao.
  • He is the second villain with dark green as a theme colour, preceded by Gula.
  • He is based on the grasshopper in the fable called The Ant and the Grasshopper.
  • His Saiarks spread mold.
  • His names means "lazying around."
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