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I am the legendary Supreme Catfish. I need but one move and the earth itself will tremble, the lands on the surface will disintegrate. The likes of you cannot even begin to comprehend my power!
~ Namazu

The Namazu, also known as the Unnamed Giant Catfish, is a villain from Touhou Project who appears in the fighting game Touhou Hisoutensoku as Hong Meiling's final opponent.


He is the villainous avatar of the Taisui Xingjun, the Chinese god of disasters, who sent assassins disguised as familiar characters to attack Meiling during her dream that she got from seeing Hisou Tensoku in the distance and believing it to be the Taisui Xingjun. The Namazu's purpose was to feed on enough of Meiling's energy to awaken by having his minions do so, so he could move the earth and return to his realm once again. He also spoke quite strongly of his plans to invade and cause various disasters and earthquakes in Gensokyo.


  • Hong Meiling (Obstacle)


Just like his name, the Namazu is a giant catfish (namazu, to be exact) with a brownish gold body, white fins and whiskers just like any catfish, a white underbelly, and a brownish-gold fin on his tail. He also has large, round, bulbous eyes, a huge mouth, and a single protruding white dorsal fin.


The Namazu's main method of attack is to cause earthquakes that fling huge boulders at enemies. He can also try to smash and tackle enemies with his sheer weight.

He can turn earth to mud and swim in it, becoming hard to hit, showering enemies with mud or slapping with his tail. He can also charge his body with electricity and fire electric orbs.

He is also able to increase his size, growing from merely large to absurdly huge.



Other Appearance


  • Perfect Memento in Strict Sense mentions that carp-like monster fish up to ten fathoms in length have been seen in the Misty Lake where the Scarlet Devil Mansion is located. This may be the kind of fish Sakuya caught at the end of SWR.
  • Some of the attacks of the catfish are a reference to the attacks of Fatty Whale from Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra.
  • The catfish is the only character who appears as a boss in a fighting spin-off, but is not a playable character.
  • He is the only non-PC98 Touhou character appearing in the games who is not a humanoid girl.
  • He is the only character in Touhou Hisoutensoku whose face is not visible in his HUD potriat.
  • The Namazu is based on a legend about a giant catfish that sleeps deep within the Earth and causes earthquakes when it writhes.
  • The electric attacks of the Namazu are probably inspired by real animals, the electric catfish (Malapteruridae). Like electric rays or electric eels, those fish possess an electric organ that allows them to discharge electric shocks used to catch prey and deter predators.