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The Nameless Asura is the first villain encountered in the Arc of Asura in Fist of the North Star.

Years ago at the age of 15, he had spotted Akashachi's crew heading for the Asura shores to reclaim Shachi. The Nameless Shura had killed the entire hundred man group, took out Akashachi's right eye and right hand.

When Falco came to rescue Lin, he came across the Nameless Shura who was able to break off his prosthetic leg and beat him to an inch of his life.

Later, Kenshiro arrives to confront him. The Nameless Asura tells him he had killed a large quantity of Asuras before announcing his intentions to kill him. He then attempts to use the Senju Maha to have his shuriken sneak up on Kenshiro, but the Man with Seven Scars throws two of them back. The two then have a short fight with the Shura throwing a number of knives that are caught by Falco.

After Kenshiro hits Falco's Sekkatsuko power point, the Nameless Asura knows his blood is boiling then prepares to use his most devastating technique, the Hama Sunagumo to sink into the sand and prepare to attack Falco from the ground. But Falco forces him out of hiding using the Metto Koseijin, and as the Shura prepares to launch his Dokugumo Shuto Meppa Yoga on his adversary, Falco uses the Oko Setsuzan to slice him.

In his death throes, the Nameless Shura dares Falco and Kenshiro to venture deeper into Asura as their are more warriors with names and far stronger abilities.

Powers and Abilities

The Nameless Shura uses Shura Nindo, which uses ninjutsu-like techniques involving clubs, shuriken and knives. He can also use his hands to strike like a spider.



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