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You will respect us. In time, you will bow before the Nihil.
~ Nan threatening Reath Silas.

Nan is a recurring antagonist in the Star Wars: The High Republic multimedia project, appearing as the main antagonist of the novels Into the Dark and Out of the Shadows.

Nan's parents joined the space-faring pirate gang called the Nihil when she was young. She grew up believing in violence and strength above all else, and developed a deep hatred for the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order due to their meddling nature. Eventually her parents were killed during a raid and she was taken in by the elderly Zabrak Hague, who taught her to fight with her brain rather than her diminutive body.

Two years later, Nan and her guardian Hague came across the Amaxine station, an ancient space station that had a set of hyperspace pods which could be used to instantly transport Nihil raiders onto key Republic worlds. Although they planned to claim the station in the name of the Nihil, other groups discovered the station at the same time including the Jedi. Initially posing as an innocent girl, Nan befriended the Jedi Padawan Reath Silas and learned about the Jedi and the Republic from him.

After the Jedi left, Nan called for Nihil reinforcements and began exploring the station. However, the Jedi returned after discovering her true identity and a battle broke out between the two groups. In the chaos, all of the hyperspace pods were jettisoned by Silas, rendering the station useless to the Nihil. Additionally, all of Nan's comrades including Hague were killed. Nan herself escaped and reported to the Eye of the Nihil Marchion Ro, who appointed her to be one of his personal agents and informants.


Nan was an adolescent girl around seventeen to eighteen years old who was petite, standing just short of five feet tall. Like a lot of Nihil, her body was plastered with thick tattoos and she decorated herself with the insignia of the group. Her long, wavy, swept back, black hair reached down to her shoulders and sported several dyed light blue streaks that denoted her affiliation to the Nihil. She also had brown eyes and tanned skin.

While not trying to conceal her identity, Nan wore blue paint over her round face that matched the strands in her hair. As a marauder, she usually wore practical clothing consisting of tight-fitting light brown pants, a dark green sleeveless top, dark green elbow-length gloves, an open khaki green jacket, light brown fingerless gloves, and a light brown scarf. During her stay on the Amaxine station however, Nan wore a vibrantly colorful patchwork dress that concealed her abundance of tattoos.


I haven't forgotten that you saved me from being kidnapped. You returned me to my fleet. That earns you one chance to walk away. One.
~ Nan displaying honor towards an opponent, a rare trait among the Nihil.

Having been raised in the ranks of the Nihil, Nan believed in the gang's creed of violence and individualistic strength with the fervour of the fanatic. Unlike many Nihil however, she possessed a sense of honor and firmly believed a favor given should be returned in kind, regardless of whether it was beneficial for her to do so. Nan had an intense hatred for the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order that protected it, seeing them both as threats to the Nihil way of life that sought to impose their elitist way of living on the Galactic Frontier. Although prideful in her strength, Nan recognized her own shortcomings and adapted in accordance in order to improve herself and her chances of success.


Early Life

Our family joined the Nihil together. They offered us the chance for a better life than we could ever have had otherwise. My mother and father were proud of their choice. I'm proud of their choice. When they died in a raid, I was taken in by Hague.
~ Nan revealing her history to Silas.

When Nan was young, she and her parents joined the marauder gang called the Nihil. The Nihil were a group of murderous pirates that plagued the Galactic Frontier and disdained the Galactic Republic and the mystical peace-keeping Jedi Order. The gang made use of unique hyperspace lanes known as "Paths" to strike in unorthodox locations and to take their enemies by surprise. The Nihil were divided into three Tempests, each roughly a thousand man strong and led by their respective Tempest Runners.

Nan grew up with the Nihil's code of hatred and violence, and came to believe in individual strength above all else. When Nan was in her teenage years her parents died during a raid, and she was subsequently taken under the wing of the elderly Zabrak Hague. Hague, who had been a great commander in his youth, taught Nan to use her mind to overcome her opponents. She became a skilled liar and strategist, and thus earned her place among the Nihil.


  • Master Deceiver: Rather than other Nihil who largely relied on their physical prowess, Nan practiced deceit and manipulation to upstage her enemies. In her own opinion, Nan could use her unassuming appearance and sharp mind to make anyone she hadn't met before believe almost any story she told them. Her ability to effortlessly lie made her the most successful of the informants at Marchion Ro's disposal. She could even use her deception on members of the Jedi Order, who were usually capable of discerning lies through the use of the Force.


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