Hey, it's a funny man. Should I play with him?
~ Nana meeting Luigi

Nana is a portrait ghost and an enemy of Luigi in Luigi's Mansion. She is an elderly woman that was released from her painting by King Boo and now continues doing her hobby of knitting scarves.


Nana resides in her own room in the mansion. When Luigi enters the room, she is seen sitting on her rocking chair. In her heart quote, Nana wonders if she should play with Luigi. In order to defeat Nana, Luigi must vacuum the yarn balls and throw them at Nana. However, she will attack Luigi with her needle eye beams and moving around the room with her rocking chair. Once Luigi shoots three yarn balls at Nana, she exposes her heart and Luigi captures her. However, if Luigi misses at least one shoot, Nana cackles and disappears and will not appear until leaving and entering the room again.



  • Nana is the oldest Portrait Ghost in the game, being 76 years old.
  • On the bookshelf, Nana has a diary that states that she once pulled a prank on Miss Petunia by placing ice into her bathtub; this is the same strategy Luigi must use to defeat her.


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